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Lion Hash Information

Lion Hash is a high-quality and extremely potent cannabis concentrate that is crafted from the trichomes of the weed plant. This hash is made using a traditional process of pressing and heating the cannabis plant, which results in a concentrated form of the plant’s active ingredients. This hash is then carefully tested and packaged to ensure that it meets the highest standards of quality, potency, and purity.


The potency of a cannabis hash can contain up to 90% THC levels, making its effects very strong. Lion Hash is recommended for advanced weed users because of its extremely high potency.


Lion Hash: The Process That Ensures Its Consistently High Potency


The process of making Lion Hash starts with the selection of the finest strains of marijuana. This cannabis is grown in a controlled environment and is carefully tended to ensure that it reaches its full potential. Once the plants have matured, they are harvested and the buds are removed from the stems. These buds are then dried and cured, a process that is essential to ensuring that the final product has the right flavor, aroma, and potency.


Once the buds have been dried and cured, they are ground up into a fine powder. This powder is then heated and pressed, a process that results in the formation of the hash. The heat and pressure help to extract the resin from the cannabis buds, which is what gives Lion Hash its potent and concentrated form.


The end result of this process is a hash that is incredibly potent and packed with all the essential compounds of the weed plant. Lion Hash is rich in THC, CBD, and other essential cannabinoids, as well as a wide range of terpenes and flavonoids. These compounds work together to create a product that is both effective and enjoyable to use.


How To Use or Consume Lion Hash


Lion Hash is that it is very versatile. It can be used in a variety of different ways, including smoking, vaporizing, or even as an edible even on its own or added into cooked or baked goods.


If you want to experience a more gradual high, then you can add Lion Hash into your food.

15 reviews for Lion Hash

  1. Karl

    Its a good value for the price i mean taste good and get the job done at this price will buy again yes

  2. Tim

    great hash for the price. enjoyed the high, would recommend

  3. Amardeep

    Lion Hash from MMJ Direct is a top-notch product that I highly recommend to any hash enthusiast. I purchased this product with high expectations and was pleasantly surprised by the quality and effects. The aroma is spicy and earthy, with a subtle hint of sweetness. The taste is smooth and rich, with a distinct flavor that lingers in your mouth.

    The effects of Lion Hash are euphoric and uplifting, yet relaxing at the same time. I found it helped me with my anxiety and stress levels, as well as my creativity and focus. The high is long-lasting, and the product is excellent for both solo use or sharing with friends. I appreciate MMJ Direct’s prompt delivery and high-quality products, and I highly recommend giving Lion Hash a try.

  4. Ghislain

    superbe produit de qualité et agréable au gout.

  5. keith

    Not too bad of a hash, best for me is by itself in a pipe or mixed with some kief.

  6. Marc

    Very good product; the feeling and the buzz are sweet.

  7. Drew

    I’m very happy with this hashish, and it was an excellent value at just over $100 for an ounce. I wanted a hash for evening smoking an this fits the bill. It does not overwhelm, but does deliver a nice buzz.

  8. Jonathan

    This is very nice hash, reminds me of a good old-school afghan hash. I’ve tried the cheap afghani being sold and this is much better.

  9. sayed

    Lion hash provides a rich, flavourful, smooth smoke, that doesn’t break the bank, and the high is enjoyable and long lasting. I used with Shisha and it’s great

  10. ADAM

    I really enjoy having multiple varieties of hash around the house, and if at all possible I would like this one always around. Priced very fair, tastes great, effect is wonderful, burns fantastic as well. I do believe I will be recommending as well as purchasing again when I can. Nose is very appealing too!! Reminds me of the old days, taking all the popcorn buds when trimming and turning it out to something alot like this!!

    Great job

  11. Justinian

    Great when its in stock. Always great to have a stash of this hash, the price works, it works (strong, heady, couch lock, unless you are midly sprinkling) – this is my experience via a vape at 210c, which may amplify the effect per/G. Competetive even among the other options on MMJ. I think dyer stuff is better in my vape overall, but cant complain as it does what it sets out to do.

  12. David

    I enjoy smoking hash but unfortunately over the years I haven’t been able to buy it locally very often. Now with local stores selling it, I’ve bought hash a few times but been disappointed both with the high price and mediocre quality. I tried Lion Hash last time I ordered from MMJ based on some positive reviews I read. I have not been disappointed, so I’m adding to the positive reviews to encourage others to give this excellent product a try. Not only is the price to quality ratio excellent, (a real good deal!) but the effects are rather pleasing too, not overwhelming. I experienced a mild but happy buzz. The taste and smell are pleasing as well. In terms of comparing with my other experiences with hash, this Lion Hash crumbled very nicely and smoked very smoothly, mixed with some Kush I also purchased here. A little of this Lion hash seems to go a long way. Sadly at this moment it’s sold out here but I’ll keep my eyes open for it to be re-stocked. Next time around I’m going to buy 3.5 grams so I can keep it around the house and not worry about it being out of stock when I’m in the mood for it. Obviously it’s a popular product, and for good reason!

  13. David

    I found this Hashish to be another AAA , Domestic WINNER .Lion hash provides a Rich flavourful,smooth smoke,that doesn’t break the Bank, and the High is enjoyable and long lasting it is an Indica based hash and is a dead ringer for an Afghan Import. I LOVE MMJ Direct ,shipping is super fast. David in New Brunswick,(East coast).

  14. Chance

    Purchased this strain to help with sleep and pain which it did, Also fun to have while watching a movie or playing video games, Awesome hash, nice colour, burns nice and smells great! Felt slightly sedated and relaxed after smoking. Definitely high quality bud went into this hash. Thank You!

  15. Jason

    Good hash, it looks a lot drier in the picture, i bought a sample and i was expecting it to be a bit crumbly by the way it’s pictured. As it turns out it was more or the regular afghan side of things in regards to smell and texture. Breaks up nice and sandy when heated, burns clean white ash, smooth smoke, flavour is pretty mild, but good, buzz was pretty standard, strong like most hash but nothing that makes you want to sit down for a sec. my personal is rating 4.5 stars based on it its quality vs price.

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