Lion Hash

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2 reviews for Lion Hash

  1. Chance

    Purchased this strain to help with sleep and pain which it did, Also fun to have while watching a movie or playing video games, Awesome hash, nice colour, burns nice and smells great! Felt slightly sedated and relaxed after smoking. Definitely high quality bud went into this hash. Thank You!

  2. Jason

    Good hash, it looks a lot drier in the picture, i bought a sample and i was expecting it to be a bit crumbly by the way it’s pictured. As it turns out it was more or the regular afghan side of things in regards to smell and texture. Breaks up nice and sandy when heated, burns clean white ash, smooth smoke, flavour is pretty mild, but good, buzz was pretty standard, strong like most hash but nothing that makes you want to sit down for a sec. my personal is rating 4.5 stars based on it its quality vs price.

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