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Lip Balm by ILU Information

What’s missing from your self-care toolbox? The ILU Lip Balm, of course! You shouldn’t leave the house without it, in fact. Its natural ingredient list includes minerals, therapeutic-grade essential oils, cold pressed oils, and organic butters. There’s nothing artificial here that would lead to negative side-effects. It’ll hydrate your lips for the entire day and make them feel smoother than ever before!


When you want to experience true lip smoothness, give the ILU Lip Balm a try! Besides the smoothness, this lip balm provides ample therapeutic benefits to your lips. There’s not a better solution to parched lips other than this lip balm. Its CBD concentration allows it to help you on more than one level.


How does the ILU Lip Balm affect you?


Through the action of the CBD cannabinoid, the ILU Lip Balm keeps your skin rejuvenated all the time. Also, a small rush of relaxation will pass through you, calming your mind and sedating your body. This isn’t a potent effect since the lip balm wasn’t meant to sedate you. Either way, your mood will improve a bit, if not for the CBD’s effects, then because your lips look so good now!


Your skin is the largest organ in the entire body, and it’ll absorb anything you give it. Why not provide it with a natural healing product known for its ample therapeutic benefits? Previous clients reported feeling calmer and more focused after using the ILU Lip Balm, for instance.


How do you apply the lip balm efficiently?


One thing you should know is that this lip balm isn’t only a cosmetic addition to your collection. It presents clear healing properties that’ll improve the elasticity and mellowness of your lips. After constant use, you’ll notice that your lips become naturally glossy and won’t be parched as much. The skin becomes more resilient due to the lip balm’s therapeutic effects.

2 reviews for Lip Balm by ILU

  1. Tiffany

    Leaves a lovely tint and keeps your lips moisturized

  2. Tim

    Gave these along with a facial oil to a friend of mine as a gift. She says both kinds are perfect. They stay creamy all day. Best lip balm shes ever used and highly recomends either although she says the tinted is not very tinted at all.

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