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Live Resin by YTFC Information

Looking for the best concentrates in Canada? You can’t go wrong with this Live Resin by Yaletown Flower Co (YTFC). Hailing from British Columbia, YTFC is one of the premier names in Canadian concentrates.

This Live Resin doesn’t disappoint, thanks to YTFC’s commitment to premium quality products. Order Live Resin by YTFC with MMJDirect for the fastest shipping, best service, and highest convenience of any online dispensary in Canada.

What is Live Resin and Where Can I Buy it in Canada?

Live Resin is a type of cannabis concentrate like shatter or wax. First developed between 2011 and 2013, Live Resin is the freshest type of concentrate in the world. To make it, YTFC flash-freezes freshly-harvested plants. Freezing the plants allows YTFC to store them until extraction time.

This technique preserves the natural terpenes and cannabinoids within the flower. In room temperature, these molecules quickly degrade. Freezing them ensures they end up in your extract – not left behind in leftover plant matter.

Live Resin Effects

Why does freezing plants matter? With multiple cannabinoids and terpenes are present in an extract, they can alter its effects. This phenomenon, called the Entourage Effect, explains why YTFC Live Resin has such a diverse and powerful high.

Concentrates have a high similar to the flower they came from. Extract Live Resin from an indica plant, and it’ll have typically indica-like properties. The opposite is true for sativa-based Live Resin. Live Resin extracted from a hybrid will have a blend of the two.

Live Resin and other concentrates are significantly more potent than flower, or even hash. Flower can reach THC concentrations of about 30 percent. Live Resin, in contrast, can reach 80 to 90 percent THC or more. As a result, Live Resin is usually reserved by experienced stoners. Newbies exercise caution!

5 reviews for Live Resin by YTFC

  1. Mark

    Jungle Cake is so sweet and fruity!! I can see why they chose this strain to make live resin. After the first try, my brain was already calmer and more at ease, so I can say that the relaxation part is real. Though, my mood wasn’t uplifted a lot, probly because it’s not a sativa resin. But it’s very good for relaxation and comfort!!

  2. Julius

    a bit too powerful for my tastes but the flavor and effects are great. I did like OG Shark especially though

  3. Barbara

    Wow! Best live resin I’ve had! Super flavourful and hits hard super fast! Mac 1 was the strain I chose. Excited to try different ones! 😃

  4. Brianna

    Good, delicious feeling at the start of the high, when it first hits your taste buds. The terpenes and flavonoids in this live resin are TOO GOOD!! I don’t know what extract they’re using but it’s so damn delicious and has a great feeling. I have regular depression that lowers my mood most times, and cannabis is the only thing that helps me. Thanks mmj for putting this resin out here!

  5. Gabe

    I’ve bought live resin before but never of this quality. The texture was so fresh and scrumptious that it seemed they’d just made it then. It’s just like mmj to get their hands on stuff this good! After reading this YTFC resin has 80-90% THC, I was instantly hooked, given my periodic arthritis pains. Few other products manage to calm my pains because they aren’t potent enough. Let me tell you that this live resin is by far one of the most potent concentrates I’ve tried in a long time! The cerebral burn is a bit energetic at times, but nothing you can’t handle if you’re experienced with high-potency concentrates. I definitely recommend this to anyone in pains or severe aches!

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