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Glass 1-hitter pipe

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Did you ever think how hard it is to transport cannabis powdered plants with you on the road? Or hash and resin for that matter? You must have wondered whether there was something you could use to bring a few cannabis smoking goodies with you on the road. Well, MMJDirect has heard your pleas and allows you to buy Lock-N-Load Chillum online, an innovative one-hitter.

It’s a pharmaceutical-grade glass that comes with a twist cap on the bowl end so you can safely retain flowers and other cannabis products. It’s ready to go when you are, and you only have to stuff some cannabis in there, twist the cap, and that’s it. The Lock-N-Load produces some of the best cannabis-specific recipients and cannabis accessories on the market, and we’re proud to provide them to our clients!

Accessible and easy-to-use recipient

The Lock-N-Load Chillum recipient provides an easy way to transport cannabis with you wherever you go. Most importantly, it will keep whatever you place there in a state of constant freshness, completely separated from the outside air. When you decide to uncork it and make a joint, for instance, the plant will taste just as great as if you’d have harvested the flowers a few minutes ago.

The length of the Chillum is 2.75 inches, enough for any needs you have. Whether you’re traveling abroad or simply going for a picnic with a few friends, this cannabis recipient allows you to take your wonder plants with you and smoke them on the go. Our clients have also said that it’s very easy to clean, as an added benefit.

3 reviews for Lock-N-Load Chillum

  1. Lee

    Convenient, cleans easy

  2. Debra

    it is what it is lol

  3. Bonnie

    Nice little one hitter. Easy to clean.

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