London Pound Cake

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2 reviews for London Pound Cake

  1. Pat

    I liked this type very much. I tried a little bit but it is one that I will order again It opened my consciousness to spiritual concepts

  2. Maude

    This is insanely delicious and hits hard, London Poundcake is definitely a top shelf strain. The flavor is buttery smooth cake, with vanilla, lemon, and an earthy spice. It’s so freaking tasty. The high is very calming without being sleepy. It provides an overwhelming sense of well being. It’s very relaxing though, it’s not something I’d smoke for activities. This worked very well for eliminating general anxiety and depression, more so than many other strains I’ve tried

    Hard hitting creepo strain. High is intensely relaxing. A little dry mouth and a lot of “munchies,” after it sets in good. Great strain for anxiety, insomnia and pain

    Taste 8.1/10
    Look 8.4/10
    Scent 7.9/10

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