Love Potion #1

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70% Sativa dominant hybrid

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Love Potion #1 Information

The Love Potion #1 is a 70% Sativa-dominant hybrid with lots of potential medical benefits to show off. It’s a cross between the G-13 and the Columbian Gold strains, both of which are very popular strains in their own right.

You’ll feel a strong floral aroma taking over your senses, and the smell isn’t any different either. To put it plainly, it’s like eating a flower, one covered in a thick coat of crystal-like trichomes. Moreover, the plant is very sticky, ripe with the sweet resin dripping from its leaves. You’ll be mouth-watering in seconds if you stare too much at it!

Effects of the Love Potion #1

The name should say it all – this strain has highly euphoric and uplifting effects. After the onset, you should feel growing ever brighter, happier, and more joyful than you’ve ever been. It stimulates your body and mind to become relaxed, energetic, and euphoric.

Moreover, you might get a bit horny as a result as well. The stimulation is very arousing, after all, starting from the top of your head and going down to your toes. The high buzz starts off instantly, making your head feel supremely relaxed.

Your mind will follow suit and stumble upon a potent surge of euphoria. To buy Love Potion #1 online, you are in the right place.

What are its medical benefits?

Simply put, the Love Potion #1 provides a multifold medical benefits that patients should take advantage of. You may want to mail-order Love Potion #1 online, if you suffer from the following medical conditions:

  • Chronic fatigue
  • Chronic stress
  • Anxiety
  • Mild and moderate cases of depression
  • Nausea
  • mild to moderate pains

8 reviews for Love Potion #1

  1. Travis

    Amazeballs! When I saw the bud I was amazed. HUGE BUDS all tightly grown together. By the time your ending the joint your already feeling the uplifting and energetic vibes its giving off.

  2. Jason

    Yum Yum Yum
    So good!

  3. Baden

    Best fuck strain ever, hands down amazing

  4. Gregorhy

    Smells like the sweetest pair of meat curtains you’ve ever sniffed bra! Good sativa. It was a gift for the woman. She’s always woman….I recently smoked ?

  5. Deryk

    A fantastic gift for the love of your life.
    Also nice just to smoke to yourself ?

  6. Veronika

    Tastes good, nice buzz.

  7. Tyrone

    Yummm… This one has a very interesting after taste! So good.

  8. Anonymous

    Smells and tastes delicious.

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