Mac and Fritter

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Mac and Fritter Information

Mac and Fritter cannabis strain carries THC levels between the ranges of 16% and 21%. But, you may also come across batches that offer a variation of this potency. Being a hybrid plant, this bud is great for afternoon use for an initial boost in energy and mood followed by a sense of calming relaxation.


The overall effects of Mac and Fritter may provide an uplifting balance of mind and body, limiting anxiety, potentially reducing depression, and boosting your mood. The relaxing body effect of this marijuana strain may soothe physical aches and discomforts.


The Benefits Of A Hybrid


Mac and Fritter is a weed hybrid that brings together the effects of both Sativa and Indica strains. This usually creates a mind-body balance as it relieves pain, relaxes both the mind and body and elevates one’s mood. Hybrid cannabis buds tend to deliver full-body pain relief with a sense of calmness and comfort.


Focus. The cerebral high of this weed plant may boost your mental sharpness so you can better focus on the tasks that need to get done.


Elevating euphoria. As the high of Mac and Fritter starts to kick in, you may notice anxiety or even depression being replaced by happy feelings.


A calm state. The relaxing properties of this weed strain generally address both the mind and body, offering a comforting sense of calmness as stress and tensions are being alleviated.


Full body pain relief. This part of the high may alleviate physical aches and pains, such as headaches, joint pains, muscle cramps, back pain, and potentially much more.


An Afternoon Relaxation


Mac and Fritter doesn’t only elevate one’s mood with positive vibes and a sense of calmness that is energetic, but it also usually provides a sense of relaxation that is soothing and comforting. The first waves of this relaxation usually remain energetic and stimulating, but as the high starts to wear off, you may feel drawn to go lounge.


As this calming sense relaxes your mind and body, your appetite levels may increase. Your hunger may be strong enough to require some tasty snacks. If you have been lacking appetite, either because of pain or nausea, this strain may help.


New users, you may start with a very small dose and slowly increase until you find the dose that matches your tolerance and needs.

4 reviews for Mac and Fritter

  1. Jason

    Bought it to try it out, absolutely loved it. One of my favourites. Seemed to hit really quick and the high lasted several hours.

  2. Tom

    Great hybrid smoke. I smoke with a vape and it gives a great high. Great at revealing stress and pain. The taste and smell are very nice and not too skunky. My one grip is that they never seem to have very much in stock.

  3. Adam

    loved using this strain in the evening, nice body high, easy to smoke.

  4. Kent

    Great hybrid smoke would buy again

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