Majik Pink Craft Mushroom Chocolate



Majik Pink Craft Mushroom Chocolate Information

Crafted with the finest Amazonian Cubensis & Cyanescense Psilicyben Mushrooms encased in raw, Peruvian Cacao combined with a proprietary blend of sustained mood enhancing and stabilizing herbs. The blend incorporates Maca, Ashwaganda, Ho Shu Wu, Lionsmane, L-Theanine, Bee Pollen, Niacin and Vitamin D, as well as other superfoods and medicinal herbs drawn from our extensive research and wisdom.

This 2g vegan, sugar & gluten-free chocolate is ideal for a heart-opening and whimsical journey. Enjoy these mushrooms alone, with friends and/or at gatherings in nature.

For those suffering with depression, post-partum (post breast-feeding), chronic pain or illness, anxiety, OCD or addiction, these chocolates enable the enjoyer to get in touch with their true, joyful nature – a potent reminder that may provide the opportunity to shift a deep-seated dynamic or repetitive neuro-patterning.


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