Majik Cyanescens Mushroom Chocolate (2 Grams)



Majik Cyanescens Mushroom Chocolate (2 Grams) Information

Crafted with the finest Amazonian Cubensis & Cyanescense Psilicyben Mushrooms encased in raw, Peruvian Cacao combined with a proprietary blend of sustained mood enhancing and stabilizing herbs. The blend incorporates Maca, Ashwaganda, Ho Shu Wu, Lionsmane, L-Theanine, Bee Pollen, Niacin and Vitamin D, as well as other superfoods and medicinal herbs drawn from our extensive research and wisdom.

This 2g vegan, sugar & gluten-free chocolate is ideal for a heart-opening and whimsical journey. Enjoy these mushrooms alone, with friends and/or at gatherings in nature.

For those suffering with depression, post-partum (post breast-feeding), chronic pain or illness, anxiety, OCD or addiction, these chocolates enable the enjoyer to get in touch with their true, joyful nature – a potent reminder that may provide the opportunity to shift a deep-seated dynamic or repetitive neuro-patterning.


  1. Michael

    I have been buying mushrooms from mmj direct for over a year. They always have the best mushrooms. I use them for getting clean of opiates and depression. I used mushrooms alone to get me down to 7ml from 80ml in 8 months but it got too bad and I ended up on mirtazipine a anti depressant. Now I barely get any hallucinations or real tripping but they still help relieve symptoms of withdrawal but I had to take 3 chocolates to feel anything because the medication blocks it. I highly recommend these products

  2. Nihal

    My girlfriend and I each took two of these, and within 30 minutes we were both on the floor crying from laughter. Visuals and mood definitely intense, in the best way possible. Another time I took just one to have a relaxing night, and I don’t think I ever enjoyed a movie this much. And I’m not talking about the movie, I mean the experience of watching a movie. I felt at ease, engaged, and truly present. I HIGHLY recommend as I’m back simply to buy a bunch of these so that I am always stocked.

  3. Nihal

    All I will say is if you’re looking to properly trip, you’ve got to take two of these at least. And then hold on to your hats cuz its a wiiiild ride. Have fun 😉

  4. Max

    These give a surprisingly good little kick. Colors were brighter and the tracers were present. Laughed a lot and no burn out the next day.

  5. Allison

    Great way to try a different kind of mushroom

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