Massage Oils

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120ml – 492mg THC


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Massage Oils Information

You won’t see such massage oil in too many cannabis shops. Our online dispensary commercializes the best of them. The manufacturer, Cannalife, used grapeseed carrier oil to create the massage oils – it acts as a natural antioxidant filled with vitamins, minerals, and proteins that are healthy for your skin.

Grapeseed oil is also very lightweight when it comes to skin contact. This means it won’t leave your skin oversaturated with grease. Instead, it will only hydrate it accordingly, leading to a healthier and better look. Your body will thank you for the treatment you apply after you buy the Massage Oils from our store.

What are the massage oils good for?

Their main purpose is to aid the process of massaging, making it as smooth and pleasant as possible. You have two choices when it comes to our massage oils:

  • Soothing
  • Sensual

The ingredients contained within are different, from cinnamon and peppermint in the soothing massage oil to sweet orange and Ylang Ylang in the sensual one. These are premium-infused cannabis oils specifically made for massage. They should relieve muscle tension and pains, aches, stimulate your circulation throughout the massaged areas, and warm your muscles as well.

The therapeutic benefits are endless – they could substantially enhance your energy flow, making it seem as though you’re brimming with new-found energy. You’re ready to do something productive after getting a massage with this oil. Your body and mind should enter a state of coexistence, where both relax at the same time.

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3 reviews for Massage Oils

  1. Melissa

    Purchased the sensual one cause I was worried the soothing one would burn my eczema on my hands cause of the cinnamon in it but the sensual one stinks like an old lady really badly. Super overpowering scent. The oil melts into the skin well though and helped with muscle soreness. Just don’t plan on going anywhere in public after using it unless you enjoy smelling like old school dried patchouli you’d find in your aunt Hilda’s bathroom in the 90s.

  2. Priscilla

    Has a great smell and not too greasy. Worked great for my partners sore muscles, would definitely recommend.

  3. Anonymous

    This has helped me get closer with my partner. I recommend it.

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