Mazar Sharif Afghani Hash

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Mazar Sharif Afghani Hash Information

The Mazar Sharif Afghan hash is produced from a legendary weed strain that originates in the far north of the Balkh, Mazar-i-Sharif and Sheberghan regions, in Afghanistan. The local geographical conditions lead to great fertility and very rich weed yields, as well as resinous flowers. Using this weed strain, the Mazar Sharif Afghan hash becomes reality – a premium-grade hash for the finer tastes out there.

This hash is soft and dark, with an old-school flavour and a smooth smoke. It’ll eliminate all your worries, anxiety, and all the issues you’re dealing with. As the psychoactive experience reaches a peak, the buzz will envelop your entire body. The soft mind-calming effects spread to your body, promoting a state of peak relaxation and tranquility.

What does the Mazar Sharif Afghan hash taste and look like?

Most of the consumers who have tried this has say that the smell is intoxicating and pungent, in a good way. The mellow and soft buzz combine perfectly, forming just the right mix of soothing experience that a best-quality hash should provide. The Mazar Sharif has is the golden standard of all Afghani hash strains simply because of its unique taste, pungent flavour, and potent buzz.

Some say this hash is too sticky when heated up but isn’t that what a good hash should be like? Sticky, pungent, flavourful, and therapeutic. If you’ve seen hash before, then you know how this one should look. Soft, dark, like a delicious piece of dark halva in a pastry shop. Inexperienced users may not know how to cook or consume this hash, so here’s an advice – smoke it in a joint, a vaporizer, or a bong.

How does the Mazar Sharif Afghan hash affect you?

Hash is a concentrated form of cannabis, which means the psychoactive effects will be more potent as a result. Depending on your tolerance level, you may need a lower or higher dose to achieve satisfying results, though. A total beginner’s experience with hash is completely different from a veteran’s journey through the hash experience. The difference in dosage makes up for the tolerance level.

In the beginning, your mind starts feeling a warm buzz that slowly calms you down. This tranquility steadily shades your mind and places you in a state of bliss. Nothing else matters other than your current state of mind, so the focus goes inwardly. The euphoric drive improves your mood, calms your anxiety, alleviates symptoms of depression, and gives you the munchies. The physical effects should appease your pains and aches, and make you sleepy!

29 reviews for Mazar Sharif Afghani Hash

  1. David

    Potent, Majestic, Spiced-euphoria ,this Hashish is an’imported’ Winner ,this real super quality at the lowest price point around .MMJ Direct’s Customer Care is awesome ,and Delivery is so Fast !…Yes I’m a loyal repeat customer ,David “Moon – Beam”–New Brunswick

  2. Viviane

    I love hash and always trying to find the right one!

  3. khush

    Waiting for this, bang for buck!!

  4. Nicolas

    I’ts the first time I buy Mazar Sharif Afghani Hash and I am very happy. I bought it because the I’ve heard a lot about afghani hash and as I was scrolling down the hash section I saw it. I bought 1 gram to test it and for sure I will be buying more than that! If you want a real buzz from hash, this one is for you!

    I’ve took it by bong a joint at first and it hit instantly, the high of the buzz was there for 2h at least and then I went to sleep and had such a good night. I am very happy with this purchase. 🙂 enjoy! I give 4 / 5.

  5. Antoine

    Stored easy in a wallet good weed hybrid. Perfect for a small group of friend doing bong hit

  6. Ricky

    One of the best hash I have tried. Just like old school. 5 stars is not enough

  7. Cathy

    After reading the reviews I ordered this as a surprise for my partner who is from Montreal and spent quite a lot of time in Afghanistan in the 70’s.
    In spite of the great reviews
    I frankly didn’t expect it to quite as good as it was. 🙂
    He loved it I’m happy to say
    It had a great taste and smell, crumbled nicely. We rolled it with pot as we don’t smoke cigarettes anymore. Burns beautifully, nice and even. Lovely high, nice body stone
    We did give a piece to another old Montreal boy who rolled a traditional spliff for himself with tobacco, he was quite skeptical as well but he too loved it.
    Really took everyone back to the good old days of hand pressed hashish
    It’s probably better for you then in the old days as I don’t think they use mutton fat anymore.
    This was a big hit all around, sorry to see its sold out

  8. celine

    Top haschich

  9. Philip

    This is finally what I expected, old school real Afghan hash. I smoked this 45 years ago and it hasn’t changed. I had trouble finding it but MMJ came through at a great price.

  10. Reginald

    So smooth even with hot knives some original smoke here well made Hash

  11. Mario

    This hash is Fantastic. Ordered it last month and when it arrived, I was pleasantly surprised. It’s dark in colour and smells great, just the way I remember back in my teens. I’m a regular cannabis user and have a high tolerance and was looking for something to add to my experience. I mixed the hash in a joint and it prolonged the high and uplifted my mood. It made me feel really confident and on top of the world. I highly recommend Mazar Sharif Afghani Hash. You will not be disappointed.

  12. Michael

    I very much enjoyed this hash, definitely breaks up nice and burns really well. Mild taste, great buzz and fairly strong.. looking at more on the couch-lock side of things., i’ll be ordering again.

  13. Aniruddha

    Good hash 4 stars. Not rough but not super smooth either. Strong, which is what I got it for.

  14. Jerry

    This hash is awesome! I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw this product on here! I’ve been looking for some old school hash for years,and man did this Afghan bring me back! Really noticeable flavour right from the get go, followed by that sharp,strong Afghan hash buzz! I order this regularly, nice addition to any spliff, but best in hash only pipe! 5 STARS!

  15. Alan

    Great quality hash. Blends very nicely in a tobacco spliff.

  16. Benoit

    Dark but not completely black on the outside and light brown on the inside this hash’s composition is pretty, dry and hard when stored in a cool place but quickly becomes malleable after rolling it around with my fingers for a few seconds. Then super easy to break out a tack for a nice bottle hit. Sticks super well to the cigarette and tastes great.

  17. Aldo

    Very good

  18. Patrick

    What a treat! Like hash from the last century, this stuff has an amazing smell and taste. It has that potent, shoe polish-like fragrance. Old-school smokers will recognize it immediately.

    It doesn’t take much to get high from this stuff. One small pipeful initially gave me a stellar high for a good hour or more. No burnout, no headache. It’s beautifully clean. And strong enough to get you into trouble. Despite being surprisingly hard when cold, the hash becomes pliable with a bit of heat from your hands. Rolling it between your fingers will leave them sticky with resin and smelling very pungent. It tastes awesome and leaves me satisfied. Smooth and tasty, the buzz fills my whole body with soothing joy.

  19. Benjamin

    Originally called simply “Afghan Skunk” after its parents, a landrace Afghanistan Indica and the well loved Skunk #1, it was renamed Mazar in 1997……………….. Mazar, a mostly Indica strain created by Dutch Passion, takes its name from Maza-I-Shariff, a growing center for cannabis in Afghanistan . good for nighttime relief nice stuff, texture flavour and buzz no1.

  20. Sarah

    The last time I had hash was 25 years ago. Was looking for something to mix with a good Indica. Was not disappointed. A bit of a brain lock then chill. I am buying again! Great for a long weekend.

  21. Guillaume

    the effect lasts a long time and is powerful .. perfect for waking up or going to bed. I will still buy him next time for sure! my favorite!

  22. Matthew

    wow, what a gorgeous strain of hash. this was absolutely phonemical medically, and to just relax and take the day off your shoulders. if you lived between the 60s to 80s you’ll recognize this hash. it is very medicinal and good for day or night time use. relaxes the whole body so well, you’ll never look back or feel guilty for purchasing this wonderful medicine.

  23. David

    A wonderful product that burns well and taste great.Mix it with an indica cannabis strain and I have a good joint to smoke for 20 mins.I definitely appreciate the value you get when purchasing this hash!I will be adding this to my order when it is available.

  24. Cole

    Ive never tried hash before this so i decided to try out some famous afghani hash ive always heard about. This stuff tastes great, it burns longer and hits harder than I expected. Easy to roll into a ball and it smells nice. Im definitely going to buy again, nxt time im gonna try some moroccan hash as well. Im glad i tried this stuff

  25. Neil

    WOW! This is how it all began. This is just like the hash I used to get in High School. It’s dark, tarry looking and it tastes fantastic with a slight peppery taste like I remember good hash. It smells absolutely gorgeous too. You walk into a room and you know someone is smoking hash. I wish I could use it as incense, but my wallet says “yeah right buddy”.

    There are dozens of hashes available around now, but this stuff is like a timeless classic. I appreciate all the new methods and techniques and products available, but sometimes the old school way is just better. Some things are just hard to improve on. I usually do mason jar pin tokes with about 0.1g a time. You feel it subtly right away, but just wait, 5 minutes later you will be looking to sit down. So yeah, treat yourself to some of this. Close your windows, rig up a torch and some hot knives, throw on Led Zeppelin III and give’r.

  26. Tim

    I really like this hash! I ordered it because of the picture. It looks like hash I smoked when I was a teenager which has been hard to find since then. The Taste flavour and smell was exactly the same as what I remembered. Yummy. I did find the colour was a little different than in the picture just a little bit more flat black then a glossy black. The high was hard-hitting and lasted a extra long time. I strongly suggest it. I give it five out of five for taste 5 out of 5 for smell 5 out of 5 for effects.

  27. Jason

    Very good hash, breaks up nice, burns really well, clean and untouched, very mild taste, great buzz, fairly strong, more on the couch-lock side of things. usually Mazar Sharif has a more earthy taste to it, hard tyo tell whats really what these days but this is definitely worth the purchase, i’ll be ordering again. If you’re looking for taste, try the ketama gold or Love hash, they are delicious. 🙂

  28. Kerry

    This is the old school premium hash you always crave and daydream about.😄 It’ll bring you back to high school in a Time Warp.🚀🚀 Very easy to consume in multiple ways, my favourite is in a nice straight glass bong, great Buzz😇

  29. Alexandre

    This is my favorite hash so far. Taste is very good similar to the aftertaste of a cuban cigar. You don’t need much to get a pleasant relaxing high which is great for watching TV series. If you take a bit more then that’s when things get interesting…Better sit down though because instantly you’ll feel a strong head buzz and perhaps some dizziness followed by a feeling of ”getting sucked in the sofa”. Great for introspection, brainstorming ideas and creativity. Eventually, if you in the right setting it’s ”goodnight” Charlie! Woke up the next morning on my sofa fully rested.

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