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Mazatapec Information

Hundreds of years ago in Mexico and South America, indigenous peoples used magic mushrooms for recreational and spiritual purposes. Those native populations were likely using this very strain of psilocybin fungi: Mazatapec Cubensis.

Mazatapec magic mushrooms, a member of the Psilocybe Cubensis family of fungi, is a potent psychedelic that can send users into a potent psychoactive experience. These mushrooms make a great entry point to psilocybin for new psychonauts, as well as a trusted standby for longtime users. Get back in touch with one of the original magic mushroom strains: Mazatapec Cubensis.

What Do Mazatapec Magic Mushrooms Look and Smell Like?

Mazatapec Cubensis has a fairly similar appearance to nearly all other members of the Psilocybe Cubensis family (except for the notorious Penis Envy strain). It features long, off-white stems speckled with orange or blue colours that often curve, tapering as they attach to the fungi’s cap.

Mazatapec magic mushrooms have a fairly unique texture when you eat them. They’re somehow simultaneously dry and wet, crunchy and sticky. Sometimes, users will eat them in a peanut butter sandwich to hide the taste.

What Do Mazatapec Magic Mushrooms Do?

Like all magic mushrooms, Mazatapec Cubensis naturally develop a molecule called psilocybin. This compound can cause psychedelic trips in humans, which may manifest in several ways like changed perception of time, yawning, visual hallucinations, and emotional euphoria. These effects may last between 4 and 6 hours, setting in after 45 minutes or so.

For first-time magic mushroom users, it’s important to keep dosage fairly low. This will give you an idea of how psilocybin affects your individual body and mind. A single gram is usually enough to start – after that, feel free to increase the dosage. Many experienced psychonauts frequently take doses of 3 grams or more, which results in a significantly more intense experience.

16 reviews for Mazatapec

  1. Sunny

    Mazatapec magic mushrooms are a delightful and introspective journey into the realms of the mind. As someone eager to explore new psychedelic experiences, I was pleasantly surprised by the unique qualities of these mushrooms. The Mazatapec strain offers a balanced and gentle trip, making it an excellent choice for both beginners and seasoned psychonauts seeking a milder yet meaningful experience. The visuals were subtle but enchanting, with a calming sense of flow and harmony. Throughout the journey, I found myself immersed in profound introspection, gaining valuable insights and a deeper understanding of myself. The sense of unity with nature and the universe was awe-inspiring, leaving me with a renewed sense of wonder and gratitude. Mazatapec magic mushrooms have a special way of unlocking hidden layers of consciousness, making it an exceptional tool for personal growth and self-discovery. However, as with any psychedelic journey, it’s crucial to approach the experience with respect, mindfulness, and in a safe and supportive environment. Overall, Mazatapec magic mushrooms offer a beautifully transformative adventure for those seeking both a peaceful journey and profound inner revelations.

  2. Chance

    Intense joy, and euphoria, powerful visual effects, and a heightened sense of colour. Looking for a spiritual reconnection? Look no further.

  3. Maude

    My friend being his first time taking shrooms he wanted to taste them so he just ate them raw and dipped some in my leftover peanut butter. About 30-45 mins later I started feeling heavier and got a bigger headspace and my friend felt it too. About an hour in I started to see the room slowly wobble and move and my friend’s hair started flowing. After we smoked I started seeing tribal patterns on ever surface and my keyboard on my phone looked like it was floating. I have rgb light strips behind my desk, tv, top of my mirror on my dresser and a rgb light bulb in a lamp in the corner so those lights looked so amazing. Great visual trip

  4. Vincent

    Well I’ve been trying different strains of mushroom for the past few months.
    I took 2g to start out. It took 45 minutes and I started to feel the effect start in the back of my neck. This was similar to the other strains except for the high feeling of euphoria it was so amazing, visual effects were smooth. Nothing crazy but very euphoric Tried a smaller amount 1g and that was more of a therapeutic effect very calming, mind clearing but focused weird to explain…. But if you try this you will get it 😉

  5. Samuel

    These were fantastic. They definitely did the job, I used them to microdose and to trip and they were awesome!!! Thank you

  6. Guillaume

    clean mushroom, nice effect, some have a very big stem.. i lot of fun with 2g for me, cheap price but good product.. like usual.. thanks!

  7. Joseph


  8. brendan

    Maybe it was a weak batch, but I was disappointed with this purchase.

    At 3.5 grams there should be some sort of sensation or reaction.

    I know these are a weaker strain to begin with but this is terrible quality.

    No reviews from others on this strain in a long time I should have known better than to order these specific mushrooms.

    Order another strain, like penis envy or Maklia or blue meanies.

  9. Madison

    Tried these for the first time and immediately wanted to get more. The closed eye visuals were great and they made my entire body relaxed. They’re about as strong as the African Transkei if you’re trying to find a similar comparison

  10. Justin

    Mazatapec is a wonderful psilocybin mushroom. I took about 3.5 g at night (in the style of eth Aztecs) and had an extremely pleasurable experience. I only experienced minor visuals like enhanced focus and some waviness, but the euphoria was phenomenal and I experienced some time dilation (which was a very interesting experience). I felt a strong connection to the natural world and strongly recommend going on an outdoor adventure on these mushrooms.

  11. Kieran

    This was a delightful experience. I purchased this from hearing about Mexican psilocybin and I was so entranced I repurchased! Not a particularly visual experience, but the euphoria and body high are worth double the price of admission. Recommend planning out your trip well in advance and making sure you have nothing else to do that day!

  12. Anna

    I found these mushrooms to be very relaxing but not much visuals. I would probably purchase this strain again but not until I try some more new strains first.

  13. Chris

    Absolutely love the high from this mushroom. Nothing too intense. I’ve had some bad trips before, and this strain def helped me get over my fear of trying shrooms 20 years later. Took these while golfing, and it was a blast. Def recommend if you aren’t trying to melt your face off.

  14. Brandon

    After re-introducing myself into the world of magic mushrooms I did try many strains and in different quantities. Started obviously with the golden teachers which have been great. Blue meanies have been hit or miss truth be told. However, the sometimes hard to find Mazetepec have been my “Favourite”. The buzz is perfectly therapeutic and VISUALLY STUNNING. The most amazing Aztec patterns which are fitting considering it’s origin. It’s almost evident this stain is from the region it represents with the way it feels and visual patterns. Can’t go wrong. But please leave some for me to rebuy as well 🙂

  15. Andre

    Im not a big eater of mushrooms, so i tend to take up to 1 gram at a time so i can still function.
    Found the Mazatapec are perfect and not too strong, but still gives out a great time.
    Its nice to have a variety of mushrooms, some light some heavy….. Thanks mmjdirect.

  16. Renee

    Amazing product felt like in the couch a bit. But amazing none the less.

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