Meat Breath

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3 reviews for Meat Breath

  1. Sebastien

    Belle surprise pour le prix!

  2. jennifer

    Fluffy and smells good, nice stuff will buy again

  3. Maude

    That initial whiff is very herby with slight gassy and citrusy notes. Strangely enough, the flower had a somewhat “heavy” smell, it makes me think it’s going to be one of those strains with thick, heavy smoke. I definitely do taste a little diesel flavor on this strain but it’s disguised by the heavier sweet/herby taste that is really light on the exhale. The smoke is not as thick as I expected but it does have that accompanying rich taste.n the cerebral side, I felt super happy and euphoric.My eyes felt heavy but not enough to make me fear shutting them, they just felt low. I couldn’t get over how relaxed I felt physically, like my body felt lightless.

    Taste: 8.1/10
    Look: 8.5/10

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