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Humans have used hash for thousands of years. Whether it was for religious or personal purposes, humans and hash have always coexisted. This is the newest incarnation of that long-running relationship. Medi Hash is medical-grade cannabis extract. This locally-made premium Canadain hash is a quantum leap ahead of competitors.

It’s made from collecting trichomes and resin and filtering out plant matter like chlorophyll through one of several techniques. Medi Hash medical-grade hashish an easy-to-use, versatile way to consume cannabis. Pack it in a pipe or joint with some flower, or smoke an entire joint of hash for hard-hitting effects.

For a next-level experience, cutting-edge stoners can vaporize this hash to enjoy its effects without combustion.

What does Medi Hash Look and Smell Like?

For longtime stoners, Medi Hash will have a familiar appearance. This medical-grade extract is soft and easy to break apart, with a consistency similar to chocolate truffle. It boasts a pungent, slightly sweet aroma, sporting a “hashy” smell that old-school hash heads will appreciate.

It’ll come in a premade brick, and it’s simple to cut or tear off pieces to smoke. It’s highly sticky, though, so make sure not to place it directly on a surface like a tabletop.

What are the Effects of Medi Hash?

Since it’s extracted from cannabis plants, Medi Hash has similar effects as marijuana flower. It’s significantly more potent, though. While cannabis flower can reach a THC concentration ranging from 20 to 30 percent, extracts like Medi Hash can reach 60 percent potency or more. Therefore, extracts are much more potent than flower.

As a result, the possible effects of THC, which may include anti-inflammatory and sleep-promoting properties, may be heightened and lengthened. Smokers have reported that THC and extracts like hash may be able to help manage symptoms of health-related issues. These issues may include insomnia, glaucoma, and chronic muscle or joint pain.


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