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Medi Hash Information

Humans have used hash for thousands of years. Whether it was for religious or personal purposes, humans and hash have always coexisted. This is the newest incarnation of that long-running relationship. Medi Hash is medical-grade cannabis extract. This locally-made premium Canadain hash is a quantum leap ahead of competitors.

It’s made from collecting trichomes and resin and filtering out plant matter like chlorophyll through one of several techniques. Medi Hash medical-grade hashish an easy-to-use, versatile way to consume cannabis. Pack it in a pipe or joint with some flower, or smoke an entire joint of hash for hard-hitting effects.

For a next-level experience, cutting-edge stoners can vaporize this hash to enjoy its effects without combustion.

What does Medi Hash Look and Smell Like?

For longtime stoners, Medi Hash will have a familiar appearance. This medical-grade extract is soft and easy to break apart, with a consistency similar to chocolate truffle. It boasts a pungent, slightly sweet aroma, sporting a “hashy” smell that old-school hash heads will appreciate.

It’ll come in a premade brick, and it’s simple to cut or tear off pieces to smoke. It’s highly sticky, though, so make sure not to place it directly on a surface like a tabletop.

What are the Effects of Medi Hash?

Since it’s extracted from cannabis plants, Medi Hash has similar effects as marijuana flower. It’s significantly more potent, though. While cannabis flower can reach a THC concentration ranging from 20 to 30 percent, extracts like Medi Hash can reach 60 percent potency or more. Therefore, extracts are much more potent than flower.

As a result, the possible effects of THC, which may include anti-inflammatory and sleep-promoting properties, may be heightened and lengthened. Smokers have reported that THC and extracts like hash may be able to help manage symptoms of health-related issues. These issues may include insomnia, glaucoma, and chronic muscle or joint pain.

12 reviews for Medi Hash

  1. Max

    The most relaxingest hash I’ve ever tried. It even got me making up new words to describe it. Great tasting going in and coming out. Highly recommend and will buy this again if ever restocked. Make it happen MMJ !

  2. Michael

    Im not the biggest hash fan however I did like this. Toss a little chunk on lower grade flower or left over flower and it really adds a nice little addition to the potency. Flavour is pretty good not too harsh at all.

  3. Raffi

    Love the effect of this hash. Not too strong and not too light, perfect for a relaxing day!

  4. Cathy

    We enjoyed this
    Was quite soft and easy to crumble for joints. Found it quite pleasant and strong enough when mixed with pot
    Never tried it on its own
    We preferred the Mazar Sharif, but this was nice too

  5. Alexandre

    Good stuff,sent bon,goute bon,et l’effets dure longtemp

  6. Alan

    A good everyday hash. Easy to work with, high functioning, mild buzz followed by a deeper relaxation.

  7. Luke

    seems like lower grade hash, doesnt smoke that well and isnt as impactful as the other darker hashes on this site

  8. Neil

    The reason for the 3 is this: this reminds me of hash i used to make myself, by combining oil and keif. It works well, but this stuff was a bit harsh on the throat, burned oddly, and didn’t taste that great. It did however, work as it should so its not all bad, but i wouldn’t get this again.

  9. Jason

    I tried a few grams of this and was very impressed with it, flavour was very hash like, earthy, pine and a bit of sweet. This hash also smells good out of the bag, a little on the gummy side as far of texture goes, rolling in a joint was fairly easy, although it did get sticky and gummy as it cooled, sticking to my fingers.

    Overall a very nice toke, burns clean and slow. Strong buzz, more of a full body high, i can see why it’s called medi hash. I was skeptical, but MMJ came through with this. a very unique hash and quite excellent too. 🙂

  10. Anna

    This hash is nice and smooth and has a really relaxing buzz. I will definitely be purchasing more of this hash.

  11. Julie

    Really nice hash. Used it for Multiple Sclerosis twitches and was very helpful.

    I have recommended this to others and I am purchasing more.

    Did have just a tiny hint of an aftertaste I didn’t like but that could just be my own tastes. Thank you.

  12. Donna

    I bought this item in a large amount due to it’s fair pricing, this product goes perfectly if you break it up ontop of a bowl or add it to a joint.
    Just opening the package and tearing off a piece released a very uniquely sweet aroma.

    I recently bought a desktop vaporizer and I could experience the flavor as I adjusted the heat to my liking, very clean, sweet pine taste and smell, and the hashish smell increases as you turn up the temperature.

    Sometimes I find myself getting to the desired effect before I even completely burn it.

    Not only is this product extremely effective for my much needed relaxation at the end of the day, but this product lasts a surprising amount of time depending on the method. MMJ Never disappoints!

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