Mekong (Outdoor)

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2 reviews for Mekong (Outdoor)

  1. Chance

    Appearance- Buds are dense but fluffy and well hydrated. Dark green forest colours buds with spots of purple and blue. Nugs are well frosted with nice orange hairs.

    Smell- Earthy, Lemon and Pepper.

    Smoke- Smooth.

    Taste- Mild, Lemon, Pepper and diesel.

    Buzz/Effects- Good strain especially for the price. Made me feel more energetic, creative and focused with some relaxation. Fun to play games and to draw with.

    This strain has a very reasonable price. I wanted to try an outdoor strain as it is the end of summer and why not.

    This strain helped me concentrate and focus, made me feel energized for awhile and then relaxed. It was a great experience enjoying the Mekong strain. Thank You!

  2. Brad

    This product is exactly what you would expect it to be. Nothing to special, but at the same time it’s not horrible. I was pleasantly surprised by the lemon taste and overall smoothness of the smoke. It gave me a great cerebral high, right off the bat. I also made some Honey oil, by doing a QUICK rinse and it made some very nice oil with an OK return rate. I’m going to try making some Cannabutter with it next. I smoke to remove pain from my Anklosying spondylitis and this definitely did the trick. Thanks.

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