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Melonade sounds like a butchered name that should have originally been “Lemonade”. Well, the creators had something else in mind, clearly. The main aroma is that of sour lemon, with a juicy tint of fruitiness and fresh herbs. On the exhale, you’ll feel a spicy aroma that gives you the shivers. Its THC concentration comes around to 24-27%, making it super potent both in terms of therapy and psychoactive effects. With a 90% Sativa profile, this high-impact strain is sure to electrify your brain!

What does Melonade look and taste like?


Melonade looks impressive even before you taste it. Its visual aesthetics would convince even a veteran consumer to give it a shot. The strain is covered in a frosty, golden-amber coat of crystal trichomes that shine in the light. With its spade-shaped buds and neon-green nugs, Melonade is already quite beautiful to look at. But then you notice the thin orange hairs that make everything doubly impressive. You won’t want to stop gawking at it now!

But you need to taste it to truly realize how good this strain is. Its flavour is intensely balanced toward citrus and lemon. A bit of sourness will invade your taste buds on the first toke, but it all becomes juicier and more fruity in a few seconds. The more you smoke, the more complex the flavour becomes, until you can feel a pungent herbal earthiness coming at you. A sweet yet spicy taste of lemon comes on the exhale, in a bout of electrifying deliciousness.

How does Melonade affect you?


Melonade doesn’t play around with half-measures, that much is true. This strain is 90% Sativa, which means you’ll receive an overhead surge of euphoria. Yet, what’s interesting is that the euphoria isn’t chaotic and aggressive, but rather calm and calculated. You won’t lose your mind or focus during this time. Instead, you’ll still remain calm, with a lighter mood and countenance. This strain can also enhance your creativity substantially!

That’s why most MMJDirect patients enjoy using Melonade for mood swings and depression. During the initial phase, when a wave of energy hits your mind, it swiftly deals with most negative thoughts and agitation. A calmness spreads throughout your body, starting from your head. You become the very personification of calmness and tranquility, yet you’re quite enthusiastic and energetic during this state. Melonade can deal with insomnia, chronic stress, ADHD and ADD, anxiety, and depression.


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