Metal Grinder 4 Pieces

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Grinder is 2 1/4” in diameter.

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Metal Grinder 4 Pieces Information

We’ve all been there. You just got a few grams of your favorite strain, and now you’re ready to smoke it. Then, you take some of the thick, dense, sticky buds and realize they’re too big for your bowl. You’ll just have to break your nugs up. However, there’s a problem: you don’t have a 4-Piece Metal Grinder.

“That’s ok,” you think to yourself, “I’ll just use my fingers.” You begin to mash the buds between your fingers, trying to break them into more manageable pieces.

Big mistake. Instead of breaking your nugs up, all you’ve done is squish them into a compressed, dense mess. As if that wasn’t bad enough, your fingers are now coated in a sticky substance. These are the very trichomes you were going to smoke – the part of a marijuana plant that carries the most THC.

Now you find yourself with some crushed cannabis flower, goopy fingertips, and a high that won’t be as strong. You look down and sigh, seeing the mess you’ve made. If only you’d had a 4-Piece Metal Grinder to break up your buds.

What Benefits do 4-Piece Metal Grinders Offer?


4-Piece Metal Grinders are the cream of the crop when it comes to weed gadgets. 4-Piece Grinders are made from stick-resistant metal, meaning that trichomes won’t stick to it like they would to your fingers. That way, THC ends up where it’s supposed to: in your bowl or joint.

In addition, the grinding arms in the main chamber actively break weed up into a fine dust with just a few twists. This fine powder has much more surface area than a typical weed bud does, which means that it’ll burn more evenly.

4-Piece Metal Grinders also have another huge benefit: the kief catch. A fine metal sieve separates these small chambers from the rest of your grinder. These sieves are too small for pieces of weed to fall through. Instead, they only allow individual trichome crystals through. On the other side of the sieve, these trichomes collect into kief. You can either add keif to a bowl or joint to enhance your smoking experience, or compress it to create your own hash. Try doing that with your fingers.

How to Use a 4-Piece Metal Grinder


It’s super simple to use these 4-Piece Metal Grinders. First, make sure it’s assembled correctly. All four pieces will screw together, with the kief catch below the main chamber. Then, open the chamber, insert some weed, and twist. With a few flicks of the wrist, you’ll have your weed ground up and ready to go!

To check on your kief catch, unscrew the bottom chamber of your 4-Piece Metal Grinder. Only do this when the grinder is facing upwards. If it’s upside-down, your kief will fall out and you’ll lose it all!

6 reviews for Metal Grinder 4 Pieces

  1. Murray

    Grinder works good, worth the price to replace my plastic 2 piece one

  2. Daria

    It’s pretty good for the price. I find the four compartments a bit overdone, because they don’t really serve that much of a purpose. Three or even two could have been adequate. Or perhaps with 4 parts, it might need to be fancier to notice anything special about it.

    A bit harder to clean because of all the nooks and crannies with the way each plate screws into the other. Still…it’s sleek and does the job!

  3. ADAM

    Not much to say here its a grinder. Needed another for the shop, works fine, plugs up a little to easy but like I said its a grinder. I would buy again

  4. Colin

    It’s a four piece grinder. Definitely on the cheaper side as far as build quality. Not vastly different then what you’ll find for 2x the price though, so a good value.

    Definitely give this a wipe down with some alcohol before first use. There’s dark residue in it that I wouldn’t want in my herb, quick swab and it’s good to go.

    Good add on.

  5. Derek

    awesome grinder that does the job quick and efficient, the keif build up is great to add on top of joints or bowls for a little extra kick

  6. Alexandre

    Great grinder for the price ,
    I was surprised how good it worked and how clean it looks,

    This is the best grinder youll find for 15 $ i can bet on it!!

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