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Mike Tyson Information

Mike Tyson should only be consumed in the evening as its potent high will quickly knock you into a deeper state of calmness and relaxation. The heavy Indica high of this cannabis strain usually soothes the body with a deeper sense of sedation that leaves the user locked to the couch.

The calming cerebral high of Mike Tyson weed strain generally causes the mind to enter a state that is calm, spaced out, taking a break from overthinking and all that causes it to feel overwhelmed and worried.

Mike Tyson, The Heavy Hitter

Mike Tyson isn’t usually recommended for those who are just dipping their toes in the world of cannabis strains. The potency of this weed bud is high and it can easily knock out those who are experienced and have built a tolerance for some time now.

The initial high of this heavy Indica may start off as a gentle comforting relaxation that scrapes away your worries and sedates tensions and pains in your body. But be ready for this gentleness to quickly turn into a more intense sedated state.

You might want to fill up your stomach before you hit it home with Mike Tyson because it won’t take long before you will get locked in on your couch or glued to your bed. Soon enough, the sense of sleepiness will take over and make way for a good night’s sleep.

Mike Tyson, A Pungent Flavour

As the potency of Mike Tyson isn’t for everyone because of how strong it is, it is the same with its aroma and taste. The aroma and flavour of this heavy Indica boast of diesel and skunk highlights wrapped in a distinct pungency.

Mike Tyson, The Looks

The appearance of Mike Tyson cannabis strain is elegantly simple. Its cone-shaped buds feature pale darker green leaves and burnt orange hairs. The plant and the buds are covered in sugar-like trichomes, keeping with the simplicity of its appearance.

8 reviews for Mike Tyson

  1. Max

    Lives up to its name. I got knock TF out! Should have bought a whole lot more.

  2. Morgan

    I liked this strain, was a heavy hitter. Good for nighttime will put you to bed.

  3. Laurie

    I really enjoyed the deep state of relaxation with this product. It allowed me to get a better night’s rest when the brain wouldn’t shut down from the work day. I am definitely buying this again.

  4. Michael

    Quite the punch.

  5. Colborn

    I TRULY loved this one, packed a punch and tasted great, I just ordered more!! Great taste and lovely high from it.

  6. Maude

    Named for the one and only Mike Tyson, you can definitely expect a heavy hitter here that’s sure to knock you flat out. The high hits you hard with a jab to the head almost immediately after toking that leaves you feeling euphoric yet hazy and introspective. As your mind starts to fade, your body will fall into a deep state of relaxation that lulls you into sedation and a powerful feeling of couch-lock. As the lethargy settles in to your body, you’ll feel utterly lazy, unwilling to move for anything. One of my fav, real fire, beautiful nug and aroma.OG Tyson has a skunky sharp flavor with an almost overwhelming tinge of pungent chemicals

    Effect: 8,8/10
    Look: 8,7/10
    Taste: 8,8/10

  7. Deryk

    Mike Fucking Tyson!! I had to give this strain a try (like all strains) but also because I’m a huge fan of Tyson’s. I was like “Is it gonna taste like ears” lmao.
    Good looking buds but they were just small nugs. No matter the size of the buds, they were fairly dense and broke up nicely. The potency level is quite like going 3 rounds with Mike!!
    This strain helped relieve chronic back pain for me, and also rheumatoid arthritis on my wifes behalf.
    I would def recommend to family, friends and other 420 friendly folks as Mike Tyson in my professional opinion is a 5 out of 5⭐product.
    I’ll def also purchase more in future orders. Very happy I chose to try this stuff. It blazes great 💯

  8. Alexandre

    Jesperai y goûter c’est mon boxer préférée! Grâce. A mmjdirect j’ai réussi a goûter a ce millésime extraordinaire,pour vrai un de mes meilleurs sur ce site senteur de terre et mouffette et épinette ,brûle tranquillement,très foncé comme du OG et très goûteux , l’effet est comme un uppercut de myke .

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