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Mimosa by Gastown Collective Information

Mimosa is a crossbreed of Purple Punch and Clementine strains. The breeders are the people at Gastown Collective. They are one of the most renowned growers in Canada for having made the top-quality “real” Quad AAAA strains. Mimosa is one of their flagship strains, even though they only put the flowers in jars and gas cans. We got the actual Mimosa flower here, a 70% Sativa strain.

If you’ve tasted Gastown Collective Mimosa products, then you know what to expect. These flowers are exactly like the ones produced by the Canadian growers, only that we have them as regular flowers. The THC concentration on this strain ranges at 19-27%, making it a very powerful strain in its own right.

What does Mimosa look and smell like?

Being a crossbreed of Clementine and Purple Punch, the Mimosa Strain has a strong tropical and citrus-fruity flavour. As soon as you start smoking, you’ll feel the herbal flavour filling your mouth. The smell is berry-like, infused with earthy sourness and tropical citric whiffs. The woody florals and herbal flavour remind you of a fresh mimosa, hence the name of this strain.

The aesthetics revolve around the small olive-green nugs, dotted with amber-orange hairs and a sparkling coat of crystal trichomes. There’s nothing unusual about how Mimosa looks, only that it looks delicious even before you taste it. The crystals shine brightly, reminding you of its increased potency.

What are Mimosa’s effects like?

Mimosa is definitely not sedative or sleepy strain. It’s more of an energizing snack you take in the morning to jolt your brain into action. As you take a first smoke, the cerebral uplifting beings. The euphoria overtakes you, filling you with motivation and confidence in yourself. It feels like a surge of energy washes over you, eliminating the negative thoughts and emphasizing inner confidence and focus.

If you’re doing this at the office, you’re in luck. Mimosa stimulates your concentration and improves your short-term performance. With a THC concentration ranging at 19-27%, Mimosa can be a very powerful companion for lazy days. It’ll wake you up instantly, giving you enough energy to do what needs doing.

Mimosa isn’t only a powerful and euphoric strain, though. Its therapeutic potential is widely-recognized by many cannabis enthusiasts. Any online dispensary will tell you that Mimosa can alleviate depression, migraines, appetite loss, nausea, stress and anxiety, ADD and even ADHD. If you decide to buy the Mimosa weed strain, knowing these things will make up your mind.


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