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Mimosa by Gastown Collective Information

Mimosa is a crossbreed of Purple Punch and Clementine strains. The breeders are the people at Gastown Collective. They are one of the most renowned growers in Canada for having made the top-quality “real” Quad AAAA strains. Mimosa is one of their flagship strains, even though they only put the flowers in jars and gas cans. We got the actual Mimosa flower here, a 70% Sativa strain.

If you’ve tasted Gastown Collective Mimosa products, then you know what to expect. These flowers are exactly like the ones produced by the Canadian growers, only that we have them as regular flowers. The THC concentration on this strain ranges at 19-27%, making it a very powerful strain in its own right.

What does Mimosa look and smell like?

Being a crossbreed of Clementine and Purple Punch, the Mimosa Strain has a strong tropical and citrus-fruity flavour. As soon as you start smoking, you’ll feel the herbal flavour filling your mouth. The smell is berry-like, infused with earthy sourness and tropical citric whiffs. The woody florals and herbal flavour remind you of a fresh mimosa, hence the name of this strain.

The aesthetics revolve around the small olive-green nugs, dotted with amber-orange hairs and a sparkling coat of crystal trichomes. There’s nothing unusual about how Mimosa looks, only that it looks delicious even before you taste it. The crystals shine brightly, reminding you of its increased potency.

What are Mimosa’s effects like?

Mimosa is definitely not sedative or sleepy strain. It’s more of an energizing snack you take in the morning to jolt your brain into action. As you take a first smoke, the cerebral uplifting beings. The euphoria overtakes you, filling you with motivation and confidence in yourself. It feels like a surge of energy washes over you, eliminating the negative thoughts and emphasizing inner confidence and focus.

If you’re doing this at the office, you’re in luck. Mimosa stimulates your concentration and improves your short-term performance. With a THC concentration ranging at 19-27%, Mimosa can be a very powerful companion for lazy days. It’ll wake you up instantly, giving you enough energy to do what needs doing.

Mimosa isn’t only a powerful and euphoric strain, though. Its therapeutic potential is widely-recognized by many cannabis enthusiasts. Any online dispensary will tell you that Mimosa can alleviate depression, migraines, appetite loss, nausea, stress and anxiety, ADD and even ADHD. If you decide to buy the Mimosa weed strain, knowing these things will make up your mind.

33 reviews for Mimosa by Gastown Collective

  1. Daj

    I bought this strain to relax. It provided a relaxing effect, yet i still had a bit of anxiety after trying it the first time. After smoking it the second/third time, i got used to it’s high and it’s nice and subtle. To be honest, this strain felt different from other strains that I have smoked. It is an okay strain (for me) but i do have other favorites 🙂 3.5 stars

  2. Karl

    I always have some of this expensive but quality weed hidden for special occasion (or not) , its like having a bottle of Champaign or Cubain cigar , taste amazing , will always buy some

  3. Ryan

    This is a must try! the champagne of strains. Gas-town has done it yet again with this strain. Citrus hints to a smooth smoke that takes you away. This is a great strain for mental health issues as it helps me feel at peace and a sense of normalcy.

    This is a strain for those who want the best! Gas Town has truly reached super-status heights with their strains and this Mimosa has got it all. Go get yours today and don’t wait.

  4. Chantal

    Love this strand. Makes me feel all nice and sensual, if you get my drift. Nice body high and puts me in the most perfect mindset. So glad to see it back in stock, definitely going to be one of my main-stays

  5. Ryan

    This strain has done wonders for my chronic migraines, couldn’t be happier with my purchase!

  6. Jason

    Definitely my favourite that I’ve tried here. I cut above other sites I’ve ordered form for sure.

  7. Rachel

    When I think Mimosa, I think brunch. And this is the perfect day time smoke 🌬️
    Little sweet with citrus hints and a smooth burn.
    Its relaxing and puts me in a good mood to run errands or just hang out at home
    It’s no wonder this is an award winning strain!! One of my top strains ever

  8. Karanne

    Very tasty would recommend to flower heads for its potent effects and gassy citrus flavor.

  9. Martin

    I love this strain. Grapefruit aroma and citrusy smoke, smooth, and has a strong hit that leaves you euphoric, and then mellows into a creative, bright frame of mind, with just enough energy not to overwhelm, but give you a coffee like kick as you proceed through your project. It’s great for staying sharp and social throughout the day, but also I find is good for staying alert til bedtime, due to the slightly shorter cycle of a couple hours.

  10. Jen

    Excellent high, good clean burn

  11. Sunny

    Love this strain. Nice and sticky and will put you out for hours if thats what youre looking for!

  12. Ricky

    Very great smoke burns great. Very citrus flavor. This is a must get kinda of weed.

  13. Sarah

    This is so appropriately named, it has a really unique flavour that comes across as citusy and fizzy at the same time. It’s a great daytime strain that still gives a nice happy buzzy high.

  14. Alex

    I really enjoy the effects of this weed, but the taste leaves a bit to be desired.

    It hits you pretty hard, but does not induce couch-lock. Its more uplifting and cerebral. I don’t really care for the taste/smell, its almost soap-like to me, but that’s just a personal preference. I’ve ordered this twice already, so that should tell you how bothersome the taste really is (not very!)

  15. Colby

    One of my usual go-tos whenever I see it available–a potent

  16. Adam

    I purchased Mimosa by Gastown Collective because I had previously tried MMJD’s own version of Mimosa in the past where it essentially became my favorite strain overnight.

    The Mimosa experience begins with an extremely unique and pungent citrus smell and taste profile that should impress almost all customers the moment they open the bag for the first time.

    The positive energy/focus/euphoric effects of this Sativa strain I find to be unmatched by any other strain. It’s tremendous in regards to it’s effectiveness and it’s overall taste/smell. Visually beautiful flower as well.

    I found the Gastown Collective version of Mimosa to be a bit high in terms of price, but you really get what you pay for, a masterfully grown and cured version of an already incredible strain.

    That being said, I’d just as soon purchase MMJD’s own version of Mimosa that they had before were it to become available again for purchase at the previous price point. To me they were both amazing, but quite comparable.

    I’ll almost always grab some Mimosa when I see it, but MMJDs version had a much more attractive price point. Highly recommended either way.

  17. Sukh

    One of the best strains ive smoked. Very tasty flavor, great high. Would recommend

  18. Rob

    What you would expect of top grade. Big beautiful buds that are perfectly cured and burn nicely. The buzz is an uplifting high that I found quite enjoyable

  19. Kathe Krystal

    This is my favorite weed by far. I can’t say enough how much I love this weed. I suffer from mental health issues and I have a lot of trouble getting out of bed in the mornings due to very low energy this weed helps me get out of bed. I need this in my life like I can’t go without it. This is the best weed ever. I love sativas and this is the best sativa I have ever had. I’m absolutely obsessed with this weed! If you’re looking for a strain to help you with motivation an energy this is your strain.

  20. Kathleen

    Now this strain packs a great punch! It’s pricier but a nice treat when you want to kick it up a notch. Going to give the other gas town kinda a try too.

  21. Yann

    Mimosa has quickly become my favourite sativa strain and I’d wager on your conversion at first smoke.
    Often one buys a “premium” strain and feels it was just average. Not the case with Mimosa…
    The light coloured, densely packed buds look like they will explode with flavour. Your first whiff from a freshly unsealed bag will confirm that you’re in for a treat; the smoothest, tastiest smoke on either side of the Rockies.

  22. Patrick

    Absolutely phenomenal taste and smell, high is def a daytime awesome buzz!, buying more now !

  23. Rory

    I was sceptical at first to buy such expensive cannabis, especially since I still have a lot of my own from last years harvest, but what a treat! This bud is nice and fluffy, has a beautiful aroma, both when ground and when smoked, and a sweet taste, with so many subtle undertones. The high is amazing as well, since it is sativa dominant, it makes for a perfect afternoon smoke. I was blown away by the colors and beauty of the nugs. Definitely recommend trying this aaaa cannabis strain if you want a little treat! You deserve it!

  24. Angelo

    This is awesome I really enjoyed it alot..

  25. Patrick

    The Mimosa was visually stunning immediately upon seeing it. Gorgeous colors and sparkle? Did it ever. I busted it up in my faithful grinder. This bud fluffed right up to the maximum. It rolled easily and kindly. This loud was lit. My girlfriend and I loved the sweet pungent flavour. I would purchase this heavy buzzed up flower at the drop of a hat. This is the way.

  26. Brittney

    I have heard lots of good stuff about this strain. It has a great smell and tastes. It leaves you feeling great and the high is very uplifting with a productive high

  27. Geremy

    Absolutely perfect! Powerful but at the same time it allows you to socialize without problem. Usually with others, I’m the type to be on my mind so I do this at home in the evening solo or with my girlfriend. The taste is sweet and good !!

  28. Barbara

    Best strain I’ve ever had! Very flavourful and smokes and burns great

  29. Kenneth

    this is a nice clean refreshing taste of fruity sweetness not so much like a skunk weed .the high is up lifting

  30. Jessica

    Love this strain! Really tastes like champagne and orange juice in my mind.

    Very pungent citrusy smell, great energy (I usually smoke this strain before heading to the gym), this strain makes me alert and ready to take on the day. I would highly recommend to anyone looking for a great sativa strain. Definitely one of my favourites.

  31. Tina

    A delicious find! Good sticky nugs, smooth sweet smoke, easy on the lungs. Uplifting tasty bud. After smoking one joint I immediately ordered more.

  32. Alexandre

    Verry fruityy….
    5☆ amazing

  33. Jesse

    I had heard really good things about this strain and I’m so glad I got my hands on some. Incredibly powerful and uplifting and helped me get work done when I wasn’t feeling motivated. Great buzz combined with a boost of energy makes this strain perfect for any day. It was awesome to wake up with and get started on my day. Would recommend this to anyone looking for a good high while still being productive.

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