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Mojito Information

Mojito offers an 80% Sativa-dominant experience that smells of citrus, flowery herbs, oranges, and sour earthiness. Its taste is that of chocolate, sour lime, and citrus. Needless to say, most MMJDirect patients love this strain simply because it tastes great. But its psychoactive and therapeutic effects are even better than its flavour. As you take that first smoke, your mind will go through an intense cerebral and calming process, resulting in a state of blissful relaxation and euphoria!

What does Mojito look and taste like?


This strain bears a striking resemblance to its parents, Limegerian and Orange Blossom Trail, in terms of looks and appearance. Its buds are small and rounded, with a forest-green colour that sets up a contrast against the bright-orange hairs. As the amber crystal trichomes flash openly, you’ll receive an even more intense impression from Mojito. Its visual impact is not any less than its flavour and psychoactive effects. All it takes is a look and you’re sold.

Speaking of flavour, that’s the number one reason why people acquire this strain. Its taste is smooth, extremely delicious, with hints of fruitiness dancing hereabouts, and an overwhelming aroma of chocolate smoothening you out. On the exhale, you’ll feel a crispy herbal aroma that descends into a citric orange aroma, with a dash of sour earthiness toward the end. All in all, Mojito has a very rich and complex flavour, one that’ll impress you from the get-go!

What are the effects of Mojito?


On every smoke inhalation you take, a higher form of cerebral buzzing will come to you. After all, this strain is 80% Sativa, so you should expect intense euphoria, energetic sensations, and mood-enhancing effects. Your mind will be filled with a sense of tranquility and calmness, one that waves away all negative thoughts and worries. You’re left to your own devices, in a blissful state of relaxation. The mind wants to wallow in bliss, and the body decides to follow suit.

When the high reaches a peak, Mojito sends an intense physical effect that washes over your body, numbing everything. This relaxing feeling will push your comfort beyond the normal limitations. As you achieve a state of perfect relaxation and tranquility, you can feel the couch-lock sedation dropping down on you. It’ll affect your energy levels, giving you a slight push toward sleepiness. As it stands, Mojito can treat:

  • Migraines
  • PTSD
  • Stress
  • Chronic pains
  • Inflammation
  • Depression
  • Lack of appetite
  • Anxiety

2 reviews for Mojito

  1. Adam

    Bought this for the great price, did its job. a little less strong than others but was good enough for me. It tasted fine, was alot of nice little nuggets, and for the price it was an amazing product. It is definitely worth the buy, not too dry, not too damp, not too strong of a taste. nothing bad to say about it.

  2. Jessica

    Greatly balanced hybrid. Would definitely order again. Smells amazing too! very minty/citrusy

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