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Moroccan Pressed Hash – Love Information

Moroccan Pressed Hash has been reported to have a powerful and impressive calming effect at the end of a stressful day. It is known to be exceptionally potent. Pressed hash is made from compressed cannabis trichomes. These are the resin glands of the plant.

The Process of the Making

The modern-day Moroccan Pressed Hash is made implementing a sieving method. To create pressed hash, significant amounts of pressure, or heat, are used. This helps to contain the freshness of the cannabis product, for an extended period of time.

Through the sieving technique, the material of the plant gets filtered through a mesh of varying gauges, or mesh bags, in order to break away the trichomes of the plant. The resulting content from the sieving process is called kief. In the next step, the kief is pressed into pressed hash. And just like that, this beloved Moroccan Pressed Hash is achieved.

5 reviews for Moroccan Pressed Hash – Love

  1. Viviane

    makes me feel like home!

  2. Alex

    Great hash! Going to try the other kinds for sure

  3. Lee

    perfect consistency for crumbling ontop of a bowl. lovely, potent hashish

  4. Laska

    Love this Hash

  5. Jamie

    Good for adding to j’s. Nothing calms me down at the end of the day like this does.

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