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Muerte Information

Muerte contains about 70-80% Indica and depending on the batch, the THC levels of this cannabis strain can range from 20% to 30%. The pain-reducing, relaxing, and sleep-inducing effects of this weed bud can be very intense, oftentimes causing a couch-lock effect with a sensation of sedation and calmness. The high of this weed flower may help with a variety of conditions, including arthritis, depression, PTSD, stress, or insomnia.


Muerte generally offers a rich aroma and taste with notes of diesel, herbal, and pine wrapped in a pleasant sweetness. This heavy Indica bud should be reserved for well-seasoned marijuana users or individuals with high tolerance levels. This tasty strain can be enjoyed in the evening for a time of lazy and deep relaxation, to get a break from worries and stress.


A Soothing And Sedative High


Muerte carries intense sedative effects that can soothe both your mind and body from tensions and aches. The heavy physical high of this marijuana flower may glue you to your couch or bed. You could enjoy a great movie when this happens. Usually, the end of the high leads to a night of restful sleep.


Anxiety, depression, PTSD. Muerte contains strong soothing, sedative, and uplifting effects that could alleviate symptoms caused by mood disorders and mental health struggles.


Physical pain. The anti-inflammatory, muscle-relaxing, and pain-reducing effects of this cannabis bud may ease chronic pain and several physical aches, including arthritis, migraines, spinal cord injury, and more.


Stress. As Muerte soothes your mind with a sense of calmness and relaxes your body with numbness, stress-filled feelings may be replaced by a comforting tranquil state.


Insomnia. With such a heavy Indica content and high THC, it is no wonder that this weed strain carries strong sleep-inducing qualities that could be highly effective even in cases of insomnia.


A Rich Flavour Of Abundance


Muerte is a very tasty cannabis strain that offers an abundant aroma and flavour profile. The highlighted and commonly dominant notes in the taste of this weed bud tend to be ones of diesel, lemon, gas, woody, and pine, all dressed in a pleasant blend of herbal sweetness.


This is a marijuana bud for the experienced, to enjoy at the end of their day and to melt away in a state of sedation and deep relaxation.

4 reviews for Muerte

  1. Ryan

    This is a favorite of mine. A strong high, great relief for stress and anxiety. Definite 5 stars

  2. Stephone

    Ive always loved this strain. Pungent and Smokey with a guarantee face melt

  3. Ryan

    Favourite indica on here. Strong couch lock, sedative, pain relieving and calming strain I’ve had. Great for anxiety and depression. Strong skunky/kush taste and smell with nice big beautiful sticky buds. Must try for everyone

  4. Benjamin

    Kinda makes sense that Muerte means “death” in spanish.
    These are nice, tight buds that pack a massive punch! Lime green in color, with lots of crystal after breaking up in the grinder.
    Deep, tickly smoke that hits hard and hits fast. A bit of cough on the exhale, but overall a nice, uplifting high that leads me to a couchlock and pleasant sleep.
    5 stars MMJ. Keep up the fire!!

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