Muscle Rub

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10ml Stick: 29mg THC + 14mg CBD
70ml stick: 200mg THC + 100mg CBD

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Muscle Rub Information

** cannalife has discontinued their product line, this will be our last shipment of Muscle Rubs **

Cannalife Botanicals takes us all by surprise yet again with the wonderful Muscle Rub product. This therapeutic offspring of good old cannabis fulfills its role perfectly – giving you a desirable state of bodily relaxation and mental tranquility. For the most part, though, your body should feel perfectly natural, lacking in any pains or muscle aches.

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What are its effects?

Plainly put, the Muscle Rub will do just that – rub your muscles and body the right way. In fact, it will rub your muscles so good that you’ll most likely feel utterly relaxed and comfortable. It might be that a few muscles you didn’t even know existed will relax and give you a great mental and physical state! Most of our clients have said the same – that this product has given them a new lease on life.

This product’s formula contains soothing analgesic essential oils in combination with Cannabis, CBD and Arnica. As a result, this great cannabis-based product by Cannalife botanicals should greatly ease aches and pains and promote a cooling effect to applied areas. In fact, some of our clients have been using this product for years and they only have good things to say about it. Just read the Reviews section to see for yourself!

Organic ingredients

How could such a healing product contain artificial and unhealthy ingredients? Clearly, it doesn’t. The only things it contains are:

  • Organic coconut oil
  • Cannabis
  • Arnica
  • Shea Butter
  • CBD
  • Essential oils of Wintergreen
  • Peppermint
  • Eucalyptus
  • Camphor
  • Black Pepper
  • Lavender
  • Nutmeg

Cannalife uses unique plant synergies to promote healing and provide the potential for deep pain relief, which is exactly what happens when you apply the Muscle Rub. Your body should go through a transformative process where most pains and physical ailments vanish into thin air.

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18 reviews for Muscle Rub

  1. Eleias

    Purchased this product for my father. He has arthritis and also a bad knee and is always looking for some relief. He’s used multiple topical cannabis products and finds this one is used best for muscle pain, but doesn’t help as much for joint issues. He enjoys the warming reaction it provides to the effected area. The scent is also nice and probably aids in healing and relaxation through aromatherapy.

  2. Kelly

    It’s good stuff, but I miss my old brand. It does help, but it doesn’t make the pain disappear like the other stuff.

  3. Kevin

    I found out about this muscle rub at a hockey tournament 2 summers ago and it got me through the event. By the end of the tourney 3/4 of the guys were using it and we are still using it! Takes away pain, helps with sleep. Excellent product.

  4. Monique

    I have severe Fibromyalgia and Chronic Migraines and this is THE BEST PRODUCT by far. I’m so upset they aren’t going to make it anymore. It’s helped with my pain so much over the years. Hope Cannalife reconsiders and keeps making it.
    M. Wertheim

  5. Marilyn

    This stuff works almost instantly to relieve pain. So sorry to hear it’s being discontinued.

  6. Kathleen

    This product is amazing! I suffer from leg pain and numbness. I’m able to use this at any point in my day to ease the pain. It’s especially soothing at night time when it bothers me the most.

  7. Jesse

    I’ve been looking for a muscle rub for a long time due to some chronic pain. This was exactly what I needed! I typically use it before bed after a long day and I wake up feeling much better. Easy to apply and super effective. I would recommend this to anyone looking to get away from over the counter anti-inflammatories or just to release some pain!

  8. Jessica

    This works great. Very fast and long lasting.

  9. James

    amazing product

  10. Giulia

    This has literally made such a difference to my mom! She says “it’s the best thing since slice bread” lol

  11. Debra

    used by my whole family, step dad, mom and grandma

  12. Gregorhy

    Wasn’t really sure what this was used for at first . GF was giving me the could should because I forgot her bday. So after a week I needed something for the pain…you know… the pain of being a man. Don’t rub it all over…lol anyways thanks guys and gals

  13. Alex

    got this for my knees. I am constently on the at work and this works wonders ! 10 stars mmj!!

  14. Amber

    I was quite surprised with this one. I have had lower back problems for the last couple of years, and end up in so much pain if I need to do allot of standing or walking around. This muscle rub has helped me so much, and I really like how soft it leaves my skin. Dry skin is another one of my issues, so I got a double whammy.

  15. Kevin

    Good pain relief. A little greasy but if you really rub it in it’s ok!

  16. Renee

    Amazing product works well on my back

  17. Jad

    helps with body relaxation. Feels nice on the skin

  18. Shane

    Used this last night for my neck and back ache…seems to have worked like a charm as I’m not experiencing the same pain that I was yesterday!

  19. Ines

    I use this for muscle strain and stiffness and it works really well. It is easy to use and the effect is quick! There is no strong odour either!

  20. Jennifer

    Love this!! It’s worked wonders on the tendonitis in my elbow and shoulder strain from working on a computer all day.

  21. Cory

    A little slower to absorb but i find it helps with my neck pain. Will order again.

  22. Cassandra

    I gave this rub to my grandma and grandpa to use, I have since received 4 different messages from them about how amazing this works!!

  23. Jesse

    I’ve been using this rub for more than a year and it’s excellent. Immediately soothes aching and burning muscles and joints. I’ve tried dozens of other products. This is the best.

  24. Kaitlyn

    Great for everyday use and the packaging is super user friendly and discreet!

  25. Anonymous

    It’s good for pain, I wish it would absorb in a little faster but otherwise it’s excellent.

  26. Brian

    I take the 10ml stick to the gym and rub it on my sore spots before a workout. It really takes the pain away.

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