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Mushroom Gummy by Alice Information

Now, anyone can follow the white rabbit to Wonderland. Alice’s Magic Mushroom Gummies are making the reality-bending traits of magic mushrooms accessible to the masses. Each Gummy is infused with enough psilocybin to send the user on a psychedelic merry-go-round for hours. Where will you be when it stops? 

Why Buy Alice Magic Mushroom Gummies in Canada?

Alice’s Magic Mushroom Gummies are a bold new way to take psilocybin. This molecule, found naturally in magic mushrooms, is now in a delicious new package. Shrooms themselves have an unpleasant texture, similar to chewing on sticks. Setting is critical to a successful trip. Don’t start on the wrong foot.

Alice fixes that, separating psilocybin from fungal matter. Instead, Alice infuses the psychedelic compound into a tastier treat. Gummies are a classic snack, a mainstay of pantries everywhere. The juicy, flavourful, and colourful gummies are much more appealing than the crunchy, powdery texture of shrooms. Just be careful – it only takes one gummy to whisk you to Wonderland!

Effects of Alice Magic Mushroom Gummies

Alice’s Magic Mushroom Gummies have all the same effects as magic mushrooms. Their psychedelic properties manifest about an hour after ingestion. First, you’ll feel a heightened rush of emotion. This can last about an hour, and may feel disorienting.

The psychedelic experience peaks between hours 1 and 2. During this time, you’ll begin hallucinating. Hallucinations may be mild or occupy significant portions of your field of vision. Usually, psychonauts can tell that their hallucinations aren’t reality.

Your trip will continue for 4-6 hours before fading away. You may feel strange until you get a night of rest. Psychedelic experiences tend to eliminate hunger and sleep for their duration.

Psychedelics like magic mushrooms can affect everyone differently. New users should start with low doses to see how they’ll react.

3 reviews for Mushroom Gummy by Alice

  1. Penny

    Best tasting mushrooms ever. A great experience . I’ve recommended this product to all my friends!

  2. Ryan

    Absolutely loved it

  3. Amber

    Absolutely amazing format, and by far my favourite product art <3

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