510 Threaded magnetic adapters

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Compatible with most 0.5ml and 1ml 510 threaded devices including Keyy CartsZen CO2 Carts, and Evergreen carts.


510 Threaded magnetic adapters Information

If you’ve ever owned a vaporizer, then you know you need threaded magnetic adapters to make it work as it should. Today’s 510 Threaded Magnetic Adapters are compatible with most 0.5ml and 1ml 510 threaded devices including Keyy Carts, Zen CO2 Carts, and Evergreen Carts.

To buy 510 Threaded Magnetic Adapters online, you’ve arrived in the right place. MMJDirect provides professionalism and quality products – our online dispensary in Canada only works with reputed manufacturers with a solid reputation. As part of our services, we’ll also cover your transport fees if the order costs more than $150.

Your vaporizer needs cartridges, and the cartridges need these magnetic adapters to function correctly. Our products are top of the line products in this category!

Long and short adapters

Depending on the type of cartridge you’re using, you’ll need one of the long or short 510 Threaded Magnetic Adapters. The long adapter is mostly used for 0.5ml cartridges, while the short one is only compatible with 1ml cartridges. You need to pay attention to this detail when buying magnetic adapters. You wouldn’t want to realize you’ve bought the wrong adapter size, right?

Most importantly, make sure that you actually screw the 510 Threaded Magnetic Adapters onto your cartridges for it to work! Otherwise, you’ll wake up with a non-functional vaporizer and you won’t know the reason for that. Even worse, you might even ruin the cartridge because the adapter wasn’t fitted correctly.

Most of our users have also said that the magnetic adapters are very convenient and easy to use. In the sense that you can switch out the cartridges on the fly without any hassle. You simply screw the adapter on another cartridge, connect it all to the vaporizer, and you’re good to go!

Buy 510 Threaded Magnetic Adapters online in Canada only from MMJDirect! If you’re over 19 years old and live in Canada, our online dispensary is the most trustworthy and accessible method to buy your cannabis-related products.

9 reviews for 510 Threaded magnetic adapters

  1. Josiah

    Got a vape from a friend that used one of these, ended up throwing away my old cart with the adapter on it:( couldn’t find any locally or online in Canada), and then I finally came across this. Worked perfectly and I was able to use my last cart ! Thank you 🙂 5 stars

  2. Clay

    Short adapter – just what I needed for my Zen CO2 – Good engineering, threads smoothly

  3. Shawn

    Worked excellently until my battery in it bit the dust after a couple months. Will buy another one, but we will have to see what happens.

  4. Brandon

    Its a good vape, battery seems to last a good while. It also comes with a few accessoires, works well with keyycbd cartridges to.

  5. Riche

    Best base I’ve purchased thus far. Smooth Hit and very discreet.

  6. Karl

    This device is spot on , battery life is good ,its portable , the magnet system work very well too, all the options you need !! buy the extra magnet if you use more than one cart its worth it .

  7. Jenn

    Awesome little device! The battery lasts way longer than the pen style.

  8. David

    I purchased the mystica kit, nice little base, gives very good hits small or big cartridges ! Love the rainbow warming phase

  9. Dustin

    Perfect stealth device and holds a good charge…also takes about 30 minutes to charge from dead. The magnet adapter is actually pretty convenient and easier to switch out carts on the go.

  10. Brian

    Great little base. I bring it everywhere.

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