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55% sativa dominant strain

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Nebula Information

Ready to get higher than space dust? Nebula traces its origins back to the 1990s, when breeders Paradise Seeds first debuted the strain. It’s a sativa-dominant hybrid, taking its name from the euphoria and uplifting high it produces that rockets smokers into the outer regions of space.

Nebula is an award-winning hybrid that boasts at the 2005 Copa La Bella Flor event in Spain. It also has several 2nd- and 3rd-place Cannabis Cup wins, beginning in 1999 and most recently in 2005. Nebula is a great strain for anyone seeking a potent sativa to add to the mix.

While it’s great for wake-and-bakes, some smokers may find its stimulating sativa high keeps them awake at night. As a result, it’s best to avoid this strain late in the day.

What does Nebula do?

As a powerful sativa-leaning hybrid, Nebula offers the cranial and cerebral high typical of its genetics. Sativas generally have more stimulating effects than their cannabis cousins, indicas. Smokers report that Nebula imbues happy, uplifted, and euphoric feelings in smokers.

It also may inspire creativity and boost sociability, so it’s a great strain to bring to parties. It also infuses smokers with energy, making it great to share with friends during activities. In addition to the high it provides, Nebula may have some health-related benefits.

For example, some studies suggest that Nebula may be able to alleviate symptoms of insomnia, depression, anxiety, and low appetite.

Nebula Appearance and Aroma

Nebula has a sweet, honey-like aroma that’s hard to dislike. Its sweet flavour rolls over the tongue with smooth, hearty smoke as a user takes a toke. This strain’s buds, a mottled spectacle of greens, purples, and blues, are covered in a sheath of trichomes that seem to “twinkle” in the right light, giving rise to the strain’s name.

4 reviews for Nebula

  1. Jen

    Decent product, good easy high

  2. Tim

    What a great day time strain. Strongly suggest. Basic smell and taste but great daytime high. I use it for relief of an autoimmune disease and giving my artistic juices flowing . Four out of five for smell four out of five for Taste and five out of five for effects

  3. Matthew

    One of my favorites on the website. This is through and through a day time strain. so daytime, there is no burn out involved, youd think it was a straight sativa. bud is nice, smoke is nice, and taste is also nice. thank you so much mmj for bringing this strain to me and my friends. This is truly a blessing.

  4. Barbara

    Refreshing citrusy aroma, nice to wake and bake to 🙂

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