New Mood Microdose Caps

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Each Cap contains 200mg Psilocybin

30 Caps

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New Mood Microdose Caps Information

Micro-dosing can positively influence the way you experience your day – even though this is done subtly, the effects carry significant importance and impact. New Mood Microdose Caps can help you feel lighter, more creative, more observant while tapping into a state of euphoria and a deeper sense of appreciation for what life offers you. 

Micro-dosing with these psychedelic caps is ideal to hang out with people and be social. Or they can offer just the right amount of support throughout your workday. Taking small amounts of New Mood Microdose Caps can not only push aside symptoms of anxiety and stress, but it can also help your mind become sharper which may improve your overall mental productivity. 

Effects and Benefits

New Mood Microdose Caps carry the infamous active ingredient present in magic mushrooms knows as psilocybin. Magic mushrooms are widely popular for the hallucinogenic experience they provide which translates into a mind-altering high. Perception, time, and the way you experience your surroundings under this hallucinogenic high can change drastically. 

But the above-mentioned strong effects are achieved by macro-dosing, so the genius of micro-dosing offers you mood benefits without leading your mind into a reality-altering state. With micro-dosing, you can enjoy a variety of health, mood, and mental benefits without the hallucination effect. 

New Mood Microdose Caps can help alleviate a variety of health and situational discomforts, including anxiety, depression, stress, and even PTSD. These psilocybin-infused caps may help with headaches and a foggy mind as it has a great ability in boosting your mood, improving creativity, focus, and overall mental productivity. 

Tips For Best Effects

When it comes to any marijuana products, any magic mushrooms, or capsules created with these, to achieve the best effects and maximise their benefits, the dosage is crucial. These capsules specifically designed for micro-dosing are ideal for any beginner and anyone wanting to benefit from its effects throughout their day. 

So how should you start using New Mood Microdose Caps? Start with one capsule and see the specific effects it offers you and how potent these are. Take one capsule first thing in the morning and wait at least 3 hours before considering another dosage. If necessary, increase your dosage slowly over time until you find the ideal dosage for yourself, as this can differ for each individual. 

1 review for New Mood Microdose Caps

  1. Amy

    I decided on this, really bc of price. I figured it might be stronger bc of the price. Unfortunately, I was wrong. I found them similar to ingest and similar effects as the myco labs original blend. Having little reviews and stars I’d have to say you’re much better off to purchase these from myco labs original blend. It’s very similar yet almost slightly lighter effects than the original blend. If you’re a first time buyer spend it on the original blend by myco labs. You’ll thank me later.

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