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Night Suckers by KRAV Information

The KRAV Night Suckers offer a tasty snack whenever you feel hungry at night. If you wake up in the middle of the night wanting to grab a snack, the Krav Night Suckers are perfect! They’ll put your right back to sleep in a matter of minutes after nibbling on these goodies! The THC concentration is 90mg per sucker and 180mg per package. There are two Night Suckers per package.

These should be enough for two nights at least, if you eat the entire lollipop in one sitting. Though, you can easily break it apart and dose it out for different nights. If you consume them this way, they’ll last longer and the therapeutic benefits will be prolonged over time. These Night Suckers only contain:

Ø Cannabis oil

Ø MCT oil

Ø Cream of tartar

Ø Sugar

Ø Corn syrup

Ø Vinegar

What effects do the KRAV Night Suckers have?

These Night Suckers will soothe your mind and relax your body beyond what you thought possible. If you’re too exhausted or worried to go to sleep, the THC in these lollipops will ease your mind and calm you down. Initially, you’ll feel a surge of euphoria brightening your mind and instilling you with newfound motivation. Any negative thoughts vanish as soon as they appear.

If you have a sweet tooth in the middle of the night, it means you have a bit of insomnia. It’s nothing that the KRAV Night Suckers can’t solve, though. Grab a bite from one of these lollipops, and see yourself going back to bed in a matter of minutes. You’ll feel very sleepy and relaxed after taking a bite from the Night Suckers. You can increase or decrease the dose however your see fit.

How do you consume the Night Suckers efficiently?

The most important thing to know is that you shouldn’t eat a whole Night Sucker at once. Quite the contrary, beginners should opt for ¼ of the entire lollipop in one sitting. The THC concentration in that quarter of a lollipop is enough to put you back to sleep easily and efficiently. Not only this but you’ll also get a bit of euphoric energy to keep you company. If you were to eat more without having some tolerance, the euphoria would keep you awake for the rest of the night. That’s not what you want, right?

5 reviews for Night Suckers by KRAV

  1. Jeremy

    honestly not my favorite. Flavour was ok to fine, but not much effect really with these. Would look at other edible options first.

  2. Nicolette

    Tried the watermelon one and it’s pretty tasty, thought it doesn’t really taste like watermelon (just sugary but not an issue). They do have a little bit of a weed taste but it’s subtle and you get used to it. My tolerance is usually around a 15mg piece so I have to be careful with eating this as I can’t consume the entire lolly in one sitting. Great to have for hanging out with friends!

  3. Vincent

    This sucker is my go to after a day of doing stuff around the house while on day KRAV 😜 I can chill with friends and family sucking on my Night KRAV watching a movie without the smell of weed in the room…family 😅 very discret 10/10
    Taste 5/5 root beer and strawberry banana
    All the flavor I’ve tasted are good
    Beginners beware, Experienced Users 👍

  4. Lindsay

    Good flavour, but still has a cannabis taste, however it was tolerable and was not noticeable after awhile. Be careful, you can mindlessly be eating this not realizing it is 90mg. I found the effects quicker than gummy or chocolate edibles, but very relaxing and made me nice and sleepy. Woke up refreshed 🙂

  5. Amber

    These are lovely, but the dosage is challenging in this format if you don’t want to eat the whole thing. They’re pretty tasty so it’s easy to forget that they’re not just candy!

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