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60% Sativa Dominant Hybrid

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NYC Diesel Information

NYC Diesel provides many medicinal benefits. This 9-time Cannabis Cup winner was created by crossing legendary marijuana strains, Sour Diesel with Afghani and Mexican landraces. The THC levels of this cannabis plant usually range between 15% and 20%, depending on the batch and phenotype. The 60% Sativa and 40% Indica content provide an energetic boost of positivity, focus, and happy feels. The cerebral high of this Sativa bud can help you tackle your tasks and projects and get them done with more ease and productivity.

With the pain-relieving, numbing, and anti-inflammatory traits of its body high, NYC Diesel is known to effectively address chronic pain and many other physical aches in the body. Its numbing effects may ease symptoms of inflammation, arthritis, migraines, chronic pain, and nausea. The overall high of NYC Diesel could potentially aid individuals suffering from Bipolar Disorder, depression, fatigue, ADD, or ADHD. The aroma and taste of this marijuana plant are rich in sweet and sour notes.

The Many Beneficial Effects of NYC Diesel

The strong Sativa genes present in this cannabis strain offer effective mood-boosting, euphoric, and energetic traits that may increase focus and mental productivity levels. The THC levels, depending on the batch, oftentimes exceed 21%, making this weed bud ideal for more experienced users.

Appetite stimulant. When you use NYC Diesel, you may notice that your appetite levels start to increase at some point during the high.

A shot of euphoria. The uplifting and euphoric traits of this cannabis strain may help individuals struggling with mood swings or mood disorders, including PTSD, depression, or chronic anxiety.

Focus and a spark of creativity. The cerebral high of this weed plant usually elevates the focus and creative levels of its users.

Chronic pain. If you are struggling with stubborn chronic pain caused by an injury or a severe medical condition, the inflammation-reducing and pain-alleviating effects of NYC Diesel may ease symptoms caused by migraines, arthritis, nausea, and much more.

Calming relaxation. As the numbing effects of this Sativa-leaning marijuana bud ease physical aches and as your mood is wrapped in positive vibes, you may be able to fully melt into a state of calmness and relaxation.

A Sweet, Diesel, And Citrus Treat

NYC Diesel is an aromatic and great-tasting marijuana plant. As you break open the buds or as you are starting your smoking or vaping session, you may almost instantly detect rich notes of sweet diesel highlights coupled with a lime and grapefruit pungent twist. The taste of the NYC Diesel cannabis strain is very similar to its aroma, boasting with notes of citrus, diesel, sweet, lime, and grapefruit. We would recommend this cannabis bud for more experienced users.

5 reviews for NYC Diesel

  1. Maude

    NYC Diesel has unusually energetic effects for such a balanced hybrid. The initial hit is a cerebral blast, weightless and intense. She is definitely an eyebrow raiser, with a pungent aroma of diesel and citrus. Great for getting lost in any kind of project or playing competitive video games. Such an awesome social strain and even though it gives you such a crazy head high, it is totally anxiety free! What an awesome strain.The high is a sativa dominant rush of madness and euphoria, a lively high reminiscent of Walter White or Green Crack in some ways. The indica that’s there was just enough to anchor my body so it didn’t float away.

  2. Justin

    This was a solid buy for the price I got it at. Coloutful buds with a mix of greens, purple, and orange. Buds were very large and smelled strongly of lemon.

    A smooth smoke with a flavour that matches the aroma. Sativa dominant strains typically don’t do the trick for me, so this isn’t a favourite of mine.

    If you prefer a sative smoke to an indica one, I’d recommend this one because of its reasonable price.

  3. Mary Lou

    I got this to try for its anti inflamatory properties, and it does the job. A toke of NYC Diesel releives the pain in my arthritic knuckles. Thank you!!!

  4. keith

    Good day time smoke, doesn’t send you to the couch. Helps alot with my daily pain issues without making me too lazy.

  5. Jeff

    very mellow.. citrusy, A little heavy for my day. But probably good for most. good weekend smoke!

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