Orange Cookies and Mac by Gastown Collective

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Orange Cookies and Mac by Gastown Collective Information

Orange Cookies and Mac from Gastown Collective is a mix between the Orange Cookies strain and the MAC strain (Miracle Alien Cookies). These two may seem like opposites, given than one is delicious, while the other is brutal and aggressive. However, Gastown Collective managed to combine them perfectly, and the result is Orange Cookies and Mac.


This marijuana strain has a THC concentration ranging at 12-18%. It delivers a fairly-average cerebral rush for beginners. Any online dispensary would recommend it for the great flavour and excellent aroma, though. Gastown Collective really outdid themselves with this premium strain. This team of growers from Canada creates all kinds of AAAA strains.


What does Orange Cookies and Mac look and smell like?


This weed strain starts off easily with a hint of citrus and acidity. As soon as you take a smoke, you’ll feel the acid citrus running through your mouth. As it reaches the peak, even more fruitiness invades your lungs. In the end Orange Cookies and Mac transforms into a great olfactive experience with earthy herbal aftertastes.


As for the looks, Orange Cookies and Mac has conic buds and lots of dark-orange hairs. The thick coat of trichomes covering everything only services to emphasize the deliciousness of this marijuana strain. The buds are resinous and clumped together, amid the orange hairs. It creates an image unlike any other, giving you one more reason to try this strain as soon as possible.


What are Orange Cookies and Mac’s effects like?


This strain has a THC concentration ranging between 12-18%, making this an average cerebral experience. Though, during the first few moments, you’ll feel an intense rush taking over your head. However, it’ll feel comfortable and relaxing shortly. As soon as the initial rush clears out, you’ll feel cool all day long.


The deliciousness of the citric flavour and the herbal aroma combine wonderfully with the psychoactive effects. Your mind will flutter peacefully, at ease and perfectly relaxed. Your body will start buzzing with comfort, a sign of the therapeutic benefits of Orange Cookies and Mac. Gastown Collective outdid themselves making this strain that’s so beneficial for medical patients.


From what we know, this strain can alleviate anxiety, depression, a bit of chronic pain, and nausea. If you suffer from appetite loss, this strain might give you the munchies. After all, smoking a weed strain that tastes like cookie dough and fruits is bound to make you hungry.

1 review for Orange Cookies and Mac by Gastown Collective

  1. Benjamin

    WOW! Gastown should be given a high-five for this one. Excellent. Just Excellent. Would purchase this again and again. Magnificent, connoisseur quality cannabis.

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