Orange Sherbet

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Orange Sherbet Information

Orange Sherbet cannabis strain is a perfectly balanced hybrid with 50-50 Sativa-Indica genetic markers. It’s typically around 16-18% THC, but it can go higher if grown well. Its parent, Sunset Sherbet, lends it the cookie-tasting aroma with shades of ice-cream. Its other parent seems to be from the Orange line, giving it a citrus candy-like flavour.

Highly calming cerebral buzz

Orange Sherbet Canada effects typically revolve around relaxation, sedation, and uplifting experiences. This is a state of high that will leave you wanting for increased peace and quiet. It’s a perfect combination of euphoric comfort combined with physical relaxation.

The sweet citrus taste mingles together with the earthy fruitiness flavour, creating a unique impression on your taste buds. It’s like a taste of what’s to come – relaxation and physical tranquility. Many consumers have reported feeling more at peace after consumption, on top of the sense of wellbeing from the energetic kick that appears on a first smoke.

Ideal for treating pain

Buy Orange Sherbet online to treat yourself of chronic pains! One consumer has said that he had spasms because of a spinal cord injury and that the Orange Sherbet greatly alleviated those pains. It allowed him to spend more time relaxing, free from pains and discomforts. Moreover, the energizing and euphoric high we even more sought-after.

The Orange Sherbet Canada strain provides immense benefits for people predisposed toward anxiety and stress as well. If you’re working frequent night shifts or if your job is naturally stressful, there are too few moments when you can truly feel liberated. With the Orange Sherbet strain, you can create these moments yourself. The cerebral high sets your mind into a calm state, where only tranquility and a soothing sense of peace coexist.

This is a great strain for social situations, it has a nice light citrus flavor and effects that are satisfying yet not overwhelming.

7 reviews for Orange Sherbet

  1. Anita

    A really great all around hybrid.

  2. Evan

    Great product. Smells very fruity and delicious when you open the bag but still has a great skunk smell you want with weed. Bought it to help me recover after workouts and it works great. Would definitely recommend this to friends. And if you just want a chill day to smoke and relax it’s great too! My preferred method is a pipe or a joint but other methods are great too!

  3. Brittany

    Really good. One of the best. Great price for the feeling it offers.

  4. Eleni

    Tasty and top knotch but not Super Lemon Haze. That strain spoiled me a little.

  5. Trenton

    Used in Plenty on setting 5. Nice taste, very light, with just a mild hint of earthiness. Very calm, pleasant and euphoric high that had me forgetting how to speak. Not an energetic high but didn’t push me into the couch either. I did not feel impaired at all, just uplifted and centered. Does not create a huge hunger but everything just tasted so good. Strong candidate for best day time high.

  6. Adam

    has a nice little kick to it, not bad

  7. Catherine

    Really nice hybrid strain. Relaxing yet euphoric, just like the description states. Tastes sort of kushy to me. Nicely cured too.

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