CBD Organic Goddess 3:1

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CBD Organic Goddess 3:1 Information

Organic Goddess CBD 3:1 is a unique type of cannabis strain that delivers intense relaxing and sedative effects. Its CBD concentration is quite high, with three parts CBD and one part THC. Given this CBD-dominant profile, Organic Goddess CBD 3:1 is sure to influence your mind and body in specific ways. Once you take a first smoke, you’ll feel a tingly sensation spreading down throughout your body. It’ll alleviate your stress, anxiety, and depression, while also calming down most chronic pains.

What does Organic Goddess CBD 3:1 look and taste like?


This strain looks gorgeous, with its dark-green leaves and thick nugs clustered together. It’ll make quite an impression on you, whether you’re a beginner or a veteran consumer. It has thick, orange hairs that grow on the nugs and buds, looking extremely colourful and delicious. Then again, you should be more impressed by the coat of crystalized trichomes that covers the entire flower. When dried out, Organic Goddess CBD 3:1 is quite shiny, as it glows from the crystal trichomes.

When it comes to flavour, Organic Goddess CBD 3:1 doesn’t bring anything special or unique. Instead, it capitalizes on age-old flavours that have captured our attention from the very beginning. An earthy and sour-infused aroma will come out on the exhale, driving you nuts with anticipation. Your first smoke will be enveloped in a fruity-diesel flavour that brings even more earthiness to the table. It’s a great experience that you should try at least once!

What are the effects of Organic Goddess CBD 3:1?


This isn’t a strain like any other. Instead, it offers immense therapeutic potential that’ll heal your body and mind in a couple of minutes. After you take the first smoke, it’ll send a euphoric buzzing in your mind. Despite being CBD-dominant, Organic Goddess does contain THC, though in low amounts. It helps the Entourage Effect kick into action, bringing both psychoactive and therapeutic effects. This strain will improve your mood before sedating your body completely.

As the high reaches a peak, you’ll feel your body falling ever more into that deep and profound sedation. It brings a form of unique relaxation and tranquility that you haven’t experience before. You’ll feel your mind and body becoming one, achieving a state of perfect tranquility and calmness. Nothing can disturb or hurt you anymore. In fact, your chronic pains disappear shortly after smoking this strain. Other medical conditions that this strain can treat include:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Migraines
  • Headaches
  • Insomnia
  • Lack of appetite
  • Inflammation
  • Bipolar disorder

17 reviews for CBD Organic Goddess 3:1

  1. Chris

    This is really great weed. Beautiful taste and a strong but chill buzz. I find it superior to most good conventional thc buds. Goes great with mushrooms

  2. Drake

    I purchased this bud to help treat severe anxiety and mild depression. I have used cbd products, most prominently, CBD isolate. That being said I decided to give this a try. To start, YES it is a very relaxing bud. Not in the same way as an indica, but I immediately felt more relaxed. Interesting flavor on the bud as well, cbd has a unique flavor.

    That being said I was pretty disappointed with the humidity of the bud. When I received it, could definitely use a Humidity pack but I suspect that is more involved with the curing process. I also found some seeds. They were very small however still makes fireworks or your bowl lol

    In conclusion:
    The dryness of the bud has brought a 5 🌟>4 🌟

  3. Ricky

    This cbd strain is excellent. Great for any kind of pain issues. I was not a big fan of smoking in daytime it made me very lazy. I mix with other weed as you don’t get high but perfect pain relief

  4. Romain

    Bought this strain for my wife who likes to smoke but not to get really high. It does the trick perfectly. Excellent bag appeal, great smell, hint of blueberry lineage, sticky ! Be aware that this is not a 100% CBD strain, it is a 3 to 1 ratio meaning that there is 3 times more CBD than THC, but there is some THC still. Works best as a combination for health benefits.

    I would describe the effects (note that I am a daily smoker) as mellow, gives you an overall chill sensation that lasts quite a bit. You gain some focus as well. Definitely recommended for anyone, be it a first time smoker or someone that just enjoy smoking without being too much on a different vibe.

    100% buy again.

  5. Harrison

    It was an excellent buy. Great burn, not too much and helped with my back pain.

  6. Tina

    I had never smoked a CBD strain before, but do enjoy vaping it. A friend suggested I try kind this as there is some THC in it. VERY tasty, burns great. I got the clean relaxed feeling with just a hint of a background buzz. Definitely something to try. I find there are times when I just want to relax, but cannot let my guard down (at work, operating machinery), and this works.

  7. Shelley

    I tried this strain once and now ordering again as it fit my needs to a t. i am always looking for a high to low ratio of cbd to thc as i use cannabis to treat chronic pain, anxiety, depression and insomnia. i save the higher thc products for evening use before bedtime and use the high cbd during the day so i can function but they are not easy to find. this strain is lovely to vape, tasty and the effects take care of all my issues. it is a particularly good strain for emotional crisis intervention as it immediately calms everything down but still leaves you clear headed. i am so grateful for these products that help with all my medical conditions without the high. There is a time and place for those but this product helps me without creating other issues, unlike pharmaceuticals or alternatives.

  8. Tristan

    Great product. Not too strong like most of the weed out there these days. So if you get a bit paranoid off of most weed, like I do, definitely try this!

  9. Anna

    Really enjoyed this CBD strain if it goes on sale will purchase a oz for sure. Really smooth smoke.

  10. Edgar

    This might be the 3rd time ordering this one. It smells so pleasant, light fruity scent. Super sticky, surprisingly potent for the price and it being a CBD strain. If you have been thinking of trying CBD buds, this one is a great choice. Hard to pass up.

  11. Alec

    Perfect CBD mix in or on it’s own. Effects kick in very rapidly, which is great. Perfect for headaches and tension, relieves right away. Definitely recommend.

  12. Chris

    Got this the other day and loved it. I’m hypersensitive to bud thc, and this was exactly the buzz I was looking for. Nice and mellow, relaxed, increased appetite. Def didn’t get anxious at all, which I normally would off a few hits of a higher thc strain. 100% will order again

  13. Erwin

    After smoking for many decades, herb started giving me anxiety rather than relieving it. High THC became unpleasant quite often, exasperating my anxiety. Found that going higher CBD and lower THC works for me. CBD Goddess gets me high, but not too high. I am calm and worries cease, or at least don’t take over. 3 to 5 bong hits and I’m ready to wind down.

  14. Patrick

    Outstanding for cbd ,
    Got into the quarter package and it’s so goey with trichrome almost couldn’t get the buds outta the bag, thoroughly impressed with how it calmed my wives anxiety down for the day and will be cooking with it to see how it turns out in edibles tonight !

  15. Kevin

    I’m always on the lookout for a good high cbd strain and I generally find a good one hard to come across. So I was extremely happy to find this one. So far I’m very impressed with the effects of this strain. The high cbd content is perfect for calming my anxiety and helping with some nagging back pain. I also really like having the small amount of THC that gives me a nice mild uplifting buzz. Overall this is exactly what I was looking and I’m happy to be able to get it quickly and at a very reasonable price

  16. Georgia

    I love their CBD strains. I wish they were available more often as I find them difficult to find. I prefer to use CBD for pain, and I find it really works well. It does also help with my insomnia as well. Can’t wait to pick it up again!

  17. Brittney

    I was very satisfied with this strain! The smell is amazing, and the effects work almost right away. I use it when I have a bad tension headache and tightness in my neck/shoulders, and after using this it just melts away. I highly recommend!

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