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** Special note **

We’ve been fans of Osmosis for a long time but the prices never made sense, they are just too expensive. The last few months we’ve also been receiving several complaints about potential quality issues from MMJ customers.

We’ve been looking for a brand that can address both these issues and we found myco labs. They offer several identical products to Osmosis. The quality has been excellent in our tests, much better than Osmosis.

Together with myco labs we’re bringing their products to MMJ and we will be offering some great introduction prices. Currently you can try them at about half the price of competing Osmosis products.

So if you want an affordable, very high quality micro dosing experience you must try Focus by myco labs.


Focus by Osmosis is a potent supplement blend of Golden Teacher Psilocybe and other nootropic supplements, such as Lion’s Mane, Vinpocetine, Huperzine A, Pine Bark, Choline and Bacopa. The capsules in this blend are perfectly designed for micro-dosing purposes.

These capsules get down to business when it comes to delivering a sharp and elevated focus level, so you can conquer your day with high productivity levels. Your life at work may become much easier thanks to Focus by Osmosis. You will be more equipped to tackle each project with an incredible focus, reaching the deadlines with more ease.

This supplement blend can deliver you a more alert state of mind, therefore significantly increasing your productivity levels. Its beneficial properties also include a decrease in mental fog or fatigue, making room for faster processing and reaction time. These capsules can potentially improve your memory along the way.

Focus by Osmosis: The Impressive Benefits

Psilocybin can play a vital role in your life. It can help you effectively manage and overcome anxiety, depression, worries and fear, in a way that can boost your cognition and mental creativity.

The reason why micro-dosing Focus by Osmosis is such a game-changer is that it can act as a form of therapy, offering you an increase in your overall well-being. This is achieved due to the fact that these capsules can really serve you on a day to day basis as it can effectively decrease anxiety while increasing consciousness, creativity and overall mental productivity.

This blend by Osmosis can stimulate nerve growth, meaning it can improve cognitive functions and can help retain short-term and photographic memory. The capsules can offer support to your autonomic nervous system, plus it can help relieve irritability and anxiety. Due to its antioxidant properties, that influence your overall cellular health, you will most likely experience a significant boost of energy.

Due to its rich compound, Focus by Osmosis can help preserve memory and enhance cognitive functions, that can potentially improve your learning rate, the speed of processing the visual information surrounding you and your overall learning performance. It can even help with cases of ADHD.

Discreet and a Game-Changer

Thanks to the fact that these capsules are compact and discreet, you can take them with you wherever you go. You can have them in your purse or in your drawer at your desk, just one easy reach away. You can slide the bottle in your backpack or just a couple of pills in your pocket on your day out with your friends or coworkers when you need an extra boost to be more present and alert throughout the ongoing conversations and activities.

With this blend you won’t feel like you are falling behind, whether at projects at your work or with your chores at home. You can keep up with the workload, all the while finding yourself in an energized, uplifted and highly creative state. This will help you to truly enjoy everything you do, instead of just dreading every step. Buy Focus by Osmosis online in Canada to spread your wings wide and high.

11 reviews for Focus by Osmosis

  1. Alexander

    Not as bad as Rest and Relax, but still not as high quality as the myco labs lineup from my experiences. Your results may vary.

  2. Stephanie

    Great for microdosing

  3. Brenda

    I tried Forcus for the first time. I had never done anything like that before but I was very depressed. Already under doctors care and still miserable. I spoke to my shrink and he said to try 100 ml for a month. Hugh difference. Felt more at ease. Had a bit more energy and I was even able to see through the loss of a very close friend without totally losing it. I rate this 5*. Will definitely be buying again. My Dr. Is pleased.

  4. Juan

    I was a bit skeptical at first but it was everything me and my partner hoped for micro-dosing to be. we started off with the 50mg caps and experimented to find the sweet spot by taking 2-3 on our off days. we found one 50mg cap does make you feel uplifted but we found ourselves getting sleepy. 3 caps was still good for me but my partner took 3 and got a lot done but felt like she just wanted to keep going even the everything was done, and this made her feel a bit angsty. so, for her and for me, two 50mg caps was the ideal amount where we both felt uplifted, focused and in a great mood. so now, we are going to just purchase the 100mg caps so that we just have to take one instead of two 50mg caps. one last thing I’ll add is that it is also helpful to time your intake right because if you take it too early in the day it will wear off half way through the day and leave you wishing you had taken if a bit later in the day. I have personally found that noon is the perfect time for me because its like a pick me up that helps me recover form the morning hustle and then keep going with the same energy and focus.

  5. Shane

    Got the focus to try out as I’ve already tried the brain ones. Feel these are a little more subtle but great during a busy work week when I need to multitask and get work done on some tight timelines.
    Definitely going to purchase these again just need to figure out if it’ll be these or the Brain Boost ones.
    Great job

  6. Edenne

    I’ve bought on multiple occasions Focus by Osmosis 50 mg caps to help me focus while working and studying from home, and I’ve never been disappointed. These caps help you maintain your focus, and reduce any feelings of anxiety while making you feel energetic. I suggest taking them in the morning about 30 to 60 minutes prior to start doing a task that requires sustain attention. I also found that these caps have helped me improve my overall mood, thus making me feel even more motivated. I highly recommend them!

  7. Kelly

    Bought it for ADHD, kept using it for the mood boost. I’m a bit unclear about dosage but this is a nice small amount for newbies like me, I’m going to try 2 capsules next. I can say that at 1 cap there’s no high feeling, and you find yourself happier and more relaxed. Kinda like putting on a pair of rose coloured glasses for the day. Wasn’t expecting that, but it’s actually what I like best about it. I’m hoping 2 gives me even more of a boost. I was nicer to those around me and didn’t sweat the small stuff. Something we all need right now I think.

    From what I did gather it’s best not to take it every day, either spot treat or space it out with 2 or 3 days in between. Start on a small dose and build up from there. Keep in mind I’m new at this so do the research for yourself. Enjoy!

  8. Debra

    return customer LOVE these … game changer for staying on track

  9. Alicia

    I’ve gone to my doctor to discuss whether I have ADHD because of how well the focus caps helped me manage my executive functions. I hadn’t realized how much I’d been coping with distraction and impulse control until I had a few days of being able to go to work and just do my work. To end my day without rushing to finish everything in the last 20 minutes was something I’m rarely able to accomplish on my own.

  10. Amber

    I can’t say enough good things about these. Really great product.

  11. Brock

    I’ve purchased the Focus blend twice now to help with my ADHD during my classes in College. I have found that my memory retention has improved as well as my focus during class. My anxiety has decreased significantly as well. I’m enjoying being a student more than ever and my grades have improved drastically. These capsules have entirely changed my school experience.

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