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Magic mushrooms have a reputation of being trippy and weird. Psilocybin, the active ingredient in shrooms, is a well-known psychedelic that can cause hallucinations and other psychoactive effects. However, that’s not the molecule’s only ability, which is exactly what Osmosis was planning with these Passion supplements.

You may know Osmosis as a company on the cutting-edge of psilocybin supplements. Their popular series of capsules, like Brain Blast, usually aim to harness the power of microdosing for productive means.

However, Osmosis is taking a different approach with these Passion capsules. Instead of enhancing your mind, they’re designed as a potent aphrodisiac that can enhance sexual stimulation, improve endurance, and increase libido. With a potent mix of psilocybin and other fungi and herbs, these capsules are ready to go whenever you are.

Ingredients in Passion by Osmosis

The main ingredient in Passion by Osmosis is psilocybin from Golden Teacher Cubensis. While psilocybin may have a reputation as a psychedelic, it’s also an aphrodisiac. Some researchers believe that psilocybin may even be responsible for helping early humans diversify their genetic pool, spurring evolution.

Appearing alongside psilocybin are several other ingredients. Cordyceps, a fungus, helps balance hormones and boost sexual appetite. Tribulus Terrestris and Horny Goat Weed also appear in Passion, both aphrodisiac herbs used by Chinese doctors thousands of years ago. They help alter blood sugar and eliminate erectile disfunction, respectively, giving users the endurance and drive to extend their encounters.

Instructions for Use

First, select capsule dosage. Each capsule may contain 50, 100, or 200 milligrams of psilocybin each, depending on your preferences. Take a single capsule per encounter. Capsules are vegan-friendly, and fit into any diet.

5 reviews for Passion by Osmosis

  1. Brenda

    After 31 years of marriage sometimes you need a little help. I bought these thinking it might help the intimate moment with my husband. Well it works! Gentle euphoria effects adds to the relaxed, warm glow passion leaves you with. I will buy again.

  2. Jordan

    As mentioned above, this product works best with the full dose. I took two 100mg capsules, and without getting too descriptive, things worked, a longer lasting and harder result was experienced. There was also a nice euphoria that comes with taking 200mg. Furthermore, when not taking it, I was the same as before, no decrease as a result of using the product. I will buy again.

  3. Meredith

    Love Passion by Osmosis. I have bought this product a few times. It is great for passion, as it says. All extremities tingle, getting you in the mood, and seem to extend the love making a great deal.

  4. Joshua

    passion is amazing. its more than just a natural viagra, these pills also fill you with a euphoric feeling and a different type of passion. i strongly recommend you take the largest pill for promising affects. mushrooms are a gift … use them!!!!

  5. Andrew

    Does not work at all. Waste of money. Tried taking pill at different times before encounter with no success.

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