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Magic mushrooms are as diverse as you can imagine, with plenty of different strains coming from all parts of the world. Though, there’s a region where the most powerful strains in the world originate – Mexico. Palenque is a Mexican magic mushroom with plenty of psilocybin to offer. It should intoxicate you as soon as you take that first bite, leaving your mind reeling in surprise and psychedelia. The effects are fast-acting according to users, because the psilocybin quickly enters your body.

What does Palenque look and taste like?


Palenque is a very tall mushroom strain, with a straight, white stalk that looks incredibly pure and untouched by the world. At the very top of the stalk, there’s a perfectly round cap with pale-yellow edges and dark-brown in the very middle. The brownish colour progressively becomes darker the more you stray from the edges of the cap. Adult strains may have some wrinkles on the cap, depending on the age, but that’s not a sign of bad quality.

In terms of taste, Palenque doesn’t bring any surprises to the table. It’s just as bland or intriguing as you’re familiar with. Most magic mushroom taste the same, with no distinguishable differences between them. Though, you may be a fan of earthy, mushroom-y tastes, and so Palenque could be a real treat for you. Either way, you’ll barely have time to admire its flavour when the psychedelic effects hit you hard.

What are the effects of Palenque?


This mushroom strain has both psychedelic and therapeutic benefits. Its intoxicating potential is somewhat off the charts, according to users. It’s very potent, with ample hallucinations, feelings of euphoria, sedation, synesthesia, and even ego death if you go for a higher dose. Users claim the effects kick in as soon as that first gulp of Palenque goes down your throat. When it reaches your stomach and it starts dissolving, the psilocybin starts playing its game of cat and mouse with your consciousness.

Though, there’s something more in store for you. Palenque also has many medical applications and therapeutic benefits. Countless consumers use magic mushrooms to alleviate their depression or lack of appetite. Though, science has uncovered ground-breaking benefits of psilocybin against cancer spread, cluster headaches, fibromyalgia, and many more. In fact, if you microdose psilocybin, it can have unique effects and help you deal with symptoms of:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Insomnia
  • Headaches
  • Nausea
  • Migraines


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