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Peanut Butter Breath Information

Peanut Butter Breath sounds like an oddly-named chocolate snack, yet it’s nothing of the sort. This is a super potent cannabis strain that influences your mind and body with surprising results. Your anxiety and depression vanish as soon as you take a few smokes, and the munchies envelop your mind instantly. The initial cerebral buzz brings a bit surge of euphoria that improves your mood and elevates your attitude. Then, the sedation starts influencing you!

This strain is half Sativa and half Indica, with a perfectly-balanced profile. Therefore, the effects are split halfway. On one side is an endless field of euphoric energy and motivation, while the other side is steeped in sleepiness, sedation, and soothing relaxation. The blissful state that results from these two aspects is wholesome and healthy. Even medical patients will benefit from the therapeutic benefits of Peanut Butter Breath.

What does Peanut Butter Breath look and taste like?


This potent weed strain prides itself on its vivid colours. The olive-green nugs are surrounded by a thin coat of white crystal trichomes. You can see the odd purple tints on some of the trichomes. This only contrasts with the orange hairs growing on the stalk and near the nugs. If there’s something more delicious and inspiring than Peanut Butter Breath, we don’t know what that is. This strain brings vivid visuals and pure-looking flowers that’ll melt in your mouth once you start smoking.

Speaking of smoking, the aroma of Peanut Butter Breath stands true to its name. The first and last thing you’ll feel is the intense flavour of nuttiness. The rich herbal overtones complete the picture, adding a tint of earthiness and woody pine to the mix. All of these flavours are sprinkled with a bit of pungency for the extra effect. Then, all you have to do is take all of these flavours and throw them together with a burn. The smooth smoke will fill your lungs with pleasure!

How are the effects of Peanut Butter Breath?


Peanut Butter Breath isn’t only good-looking and flavourful, but also incredibly potent and therapeutic. From euphoria to sedation is only one step when it comes to this strain. With the first toke, a cerebral buzz will take over your head, bringing a soothing sense of joy and carelessness to you. This wave of energy rejuvenates your mind and calms down all chaotic thoughts. Then, it transforms into something more relaxing.

The sedation begins only when the euphoria finishes improving your mood. That’s when your body feels the ensuing relaxation. Your pains and aches disappear in a flash of smoke, as every bit of muscle relaxes thoroughly. Toward the end, the couch-lock sensation takes over you completely, giving you a feeling of blissful relaxation. This strain will help you alleviate symptoms of:

  • Chronic pain
  • Stress
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Loss of appetite
  • Nausea
  • Inflammation

5 reviews for Peanut Butter Breath

  1. Jeremy

    Extremely potent hybrid strain with an interesting name and a nutty taste. All the typical benefits of a hybrid strain can be found here too, allowing you to focus in on a project or activity or go full relaxation mode with its sedative properties. The choice is all yours. Highly recommended.

  2. Jason

    This bud was alright.if the price is right I will definitely order more.

  3. Davy

    I really like this strain.
    Good looking and good taste.
    Feel relax after smoking this one.
    I recommend it ! And i am gonna order again very soon.

  4. David

    I really like this strain. I used it a night for mixing with a good hash for a very relaxing smoke cession. This strain burns clean and complete and it rather smooth as well.
    I recommend this strain for great relaxing effects and mixing with hash for awesome pain relief.
    I sure has that nutty taste I can totally agree to the name of this one….

  5. Raffi

    If you like peanut butter scent/taste … this is it!
    Very tasty very euphoric and energetic high!
    Highly recommended if you like sativa!
    Will be ordering more!

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