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10 reviews for Peyote Breath

  1. Deryk

    Peyote Breath… BOOM, Baby. This stuff heightens my enthusiasm!!!!
    The high is a nice hybrid kind of high with a bold earthy taste. Absolute stankiness with the smell of it.
    Will recommend to others, as well as order again personally. (A )

  2. Roopjit

    Great smoking bud loved it
    Will order again

  3. Mike

    Deep relaxing high, super smooth smoke. This is one of my favorites I’ve tried so far. Love the deep purple in the buds and these things are packed with crystal! Ordering another as we speak. Hope to see it come back if it runs out.

  4. Davy

    Beautiful purple color, easy to smoke and very nice indica effect.
    I smoke it before going to sleep and its perfect.
    Overall good strain !

  5. Benjamin

    I really enjoy this strain. Beautiful, Deep Purple color and dank aroma. Breaks up nice and fluffy in the grinder. Smooth, relaxing smoke with nice, sedative effects.
    A great nightime smoke for those looking for deep, restful sleep. True Fire once again MMJ……5 Stars!

  6. Maude

    I wanted to try this strain as I never tried it before. I read that it tasted similair to butter peanuut breath and this is one of my favorite strain so it was a no brainer.

    I gotta say the aromatic profile of this one has left me disapointed. The smell and the taste is very subdued. A bit of gas and grass but nothing impressive.

    The high is a nice hybdid high that allowed me to work without any problems.

    I don’t regret this purchase but I don’t think i’ll buy peyote breath in the future.

    Taste: Gasy with hint of coffee, Earthy

    Effect: Sedative, good for headaches, give the muchies for sure :p

  7. Ryan

    Glorious purple coloring. Smooth smoke and a great indica high. Easily turned to munchies are this smoke lol

  8. Adam

    its the most purple bud Ive ever seen so far, couch locker with a side of munchies.

  9. Chris

    I got this for obvious reasons. It gives a very nice indica buzz.

  10. Kent

    definitely a heavy hitter good for bed time or just sitting on the couch

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