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  1. keith

    Overall this hash is pretty good. Good in a pipe or crumbled up with some flower.

  2. ADAM

    Just a type pressed hash! Not over the top in any regard but a good sit around the fire and have a couple hits while hangin out. Tastes good, really does well on knives. Good in a reefer as well. on sale I could see myself reinvesting in another small quantity of this product

  3. David

    Alot of sites claim this Hashish is an ‘ Import’ from Afghanistan , it’s that well-made, But alas , research indicates it’s Domestic… local BC , AAA , ‘Indica’ Buds,,,When heat is applied ,the hash ‘Fluffs-up’,and turns into a fine powder , that emits a ‘Flavour’ that will send many folks down memory lane ..The smoke is smooth and spicey,,the perfect head space for doing ‘ART’.. David can be found hanging from , MOON -BEAM, in New Brunswick.

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