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Phoenix Hash Information

Phoenix Hash is a highly potent and pure form of hashish that is made using the finest and most carefully selected strains of cannabis. This concentrate is made using the bubble hash method, which involves filtering the trichomes and other valuable plant elements through screens, then collecting the resulting resins and oils. This results in a product that is high in THC and other beneficial compounds, making it a popular choice for those looking for a fast-acting and powerful high.


One of the defining characteristics of Phoenix Hash is its high potency. This concentrate can contain anywhere from 70-90% THC, which is significantly higher than most other forms of cannabis concentrates.


Phoenix Hash: Potency and Effects


Phoenix Hash is a dark and sticky weed concentrate that has a slightly sticky texture. It is a pressed block that is easy to break. The flavour of this concentrate is described as earthy and slightly spicy, with notes of pine and wood.


The high potency of Phoenix Hash offers an uplifting sense of euphoria that erases anxious feelings with its positive and uplifting waves. Besides boosting the mood and calming the mind, the relaxing effects of this high THC concentrate also offer a sense of deeper relaxation to the body.


How To Consume Phoenix Hash


Phoenix Hash concentrate can be consumed in several ways.


Dabbing: One of the most popular methods of consuming Phoenix Hash is dabbing. This involves using a dab rig or vaporizer to heat the concentrate and inhale the vapor. This method is fast-acting and offers an intense high.


Joints or Blunts: Another way to consume this weed concentrate is to add it to your joints or blunts. Simply crumble a small amount of the hash and mix it with your ground cannabis before rolling your joint or blunt.


Edibles: Phoenix Hash can also be added to food or drinks to make potent edibles. Simply mix a small amount into your recipe, being mindful of the potency and starting with a low dose.


Topicals: This highly potent concentrate can also be used to make your own topicals for localized pain relief and relaxation. Simply mix a small amount into your favorite carrier oil or cream.

3 reviews for Phoenix Hash

  1. keith

    Overall this hash is pretty good. Good in a pipe or crumbled up with some flower.

  2. ADAM

    Just a type pressed hash! Not over the top in any regard but a good sit around the fire and have a couple hits while hangin out. Tastes good, really does well on knives. Good in a reefer as well. on sale I could see myself reinvesting in another small quantity of this product

  3. David

    Alot of sites claim this Hashish is an ‘ Import’ from Afghanistan , it’s that well-made, But alas , research indicates it’s Domestic… local BC , AAA , ‘Indica’ Buds,,,When heat is applied ,the hash ‘Fluffs-up’,and turns into a fine powder , that emits a ‘Flavour’ that will send many folks down memory lane ..The smoke is smooth and spicey,,the perfect head space for doing ‘ART’.. David can be found hanging from , MOON -BEAM, in New Brunswick.

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