Pine Tar Kush by Gastown Collective

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Pine Tar Kush by Gastown Collective Information

Pine Tar Kush is one of the few 100% Indica strains with pure genetics. It comes from the lineage of the infamous Kush strain, which is already legendary in the world of cannabis. This strain here comes from the hands of Gastown Collective, a team of weed enthusiasts from Canada who’ve created many AAAA-level strains before. Their main focus is quality and purity, which is why most of their products are lab-tested.

While there are many weed growers in Canada, Gastown Collective distinguish themselves through test-and-tried products of superior quality. Pine Tar Kush is one of their staple products that touches upon all the necessary requirements of a pure Indica strain. It’s sedative, relaxing, with a bit of euphoria, and the effects are soothing. In other words, this growers’ team from Canada succeeded in bringing another top-quality strain to you, the consumer!

What does Pine Tar Kush look and taste like?


The name of this strain comes from the super sticky resin on the orange hairs and neon-green nugs. It smells of citrus and diesel when you first unwrap the strain, and the stickiness reminds you of a tar-like substance. The frosty-gold trichomes cover everything in a thick coat of snowy crystals, leading to very impressive visuals. The green nugs bring a fresh take on an otherwise candy-like strain.

Speaking of candies, Pine Tar Kush is particularly sweet and woody, with a bit of stickiness to it. Though, once you take a first smoke, you’ll notice the citrus aroma waving at you. Once you inhale, you’ll feel a hint of skunky kush, and there’s no way you don’t recognize the smell. It’s a reminder of the infamous Kush strain, from which Pine Tar Kush was inspired. Toward the very end, you’ll go through a sweet and resinous flavour that fills your mouth and lungs with diesel and pine.

What are the effects of Pine Tar Kush?


Pine Tar Kush may look and taste great but that’s not what this strain is known for. Its psychoactive and therapeutic effects are the aspect where Pine Tar Kush really shines. At first, you’ll start feeling happier and more euphoric. The uplifting effects improve your mood considerably, leaving you slightly focused and blissful. When the high reaches a peak, the warmth around your head will have spread throughout your body, delivering intense relaxation.

The relaxation then turns into sedation, which comes round to a couch-lock sensation. All the way from your neck to your toes, you’ll feel the relaxation creeping in your body, through your muscles, to your bones. The body buzz may leave you very hungry and sleepy, so you’ll have to pick a direction. Either you start eating or you go to sleep. The therapeutic effects of Pine Tar Kush will help with:

  • Chronic pains
  • Cramps
  • PTSD
  • PMS
  • Gastrointestinal disorders
  • Inflammation
  • Insomnia
  • Loss of appetite
  • Depression
  • Muscle spasms

1 review for Pine Tar Kush by Gastown Collective

  1. Patrick

    As usual, my girlfriend and I were thoroughly excited to try out this product by Gastown. It didn’t disappoint. The buds themselves were tight. Cleaned perfectly and cured just right for my liking. The smell was strong and aromatic and hit the high, heavy notes of pine. I rolled it up. We smoke a 1g joint and we were both pleased with the earthy, pine taste and the strong, heady buzz that came with it. Shortly after smoking this pot, we were on total cruise control. The time went by and I had no idea where it went. Light and tasty and totally recommended. I hope it’s around for a while. Great batch, again!! Thanks.

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