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Pink Death Star Information

Pink Deathstar is a pure Indica that came to be by crossing Blood Rose with Death Star, resulting in this potent cannabis plant, that carries THC levels averaging between 23%-27%. When you break this bud apart, fresh aromas of diesel and earthy spice are released. Its taste is even more delicious as it offers notes of berries, peppers, and a hint of cinnamon with an added pinch of spiciness.


The high provided by Pink Deathstar can be felt as a force ready to take the lead. Its highly relaxing and sedative effects can ease away physical discomforts causing a couch-lock effect followed by a night of heavy and restful sleep.


A Medicinal Remedy For Pain and Insomnia


Pink Deathstar is without a doubt one of the most potent cannabis strains used within the medicinal community because of its highly beneficial effects. This bud can be the perfect remedy to treat a variety of health conditions, including chronic pain, fatigue, muscle spasms, migraines, and other physical aches.


Because of its cerebral high, the use of Pink Deathstar can also help reduce symptoms of depression and stress. Although, besides its pain-relieving benefits, one of the other most effective benefits this marijuana plant is used for is in helping with insomnia. The deep and soothing body relaxation provided by Pink Deathstar is known to end in restful sleep.


A Visual Appeal


Pink Deathstar is a marijuana plant that instantly catches the attention and admiration. Its appearance showcases big leaves that look like cones that feature well-defined narrow and pointed tops.


The buds of this plant are dark green, accompanied by orange pistils all throughout. Oftentimes you can notice lavender to violet streaks on the leaves that are stimulated by colder weather. Pink Deathstar is generously covered in sticky trichomes, that not only make your hands sticky when you handle them but also make them fragrant.


Evening Relaxation


If your tolerance levels are high and resistant, then you may stay awake while you listen to a relaxing playlist of music or watching a movie in the quietness of your living room. On the other hand, if you get high easily and consume a higher dose of Pink Deathstar too quickly, your body might be locked into your couch or bed until a wave of sleep takes over.


Pink Deathstar is best suited for evening use and for experienced users. If you are newer but refuse to be left out, start very small and go even slower with this strain.

3 reviews for Pink Death Star

  1. Ku

    Heard about this strain from a friend but it is rare was very hard to find. One of the best tasting strains I had and it packs a strong punch. You can tell by the strong fruity smell from just opening the bag.

    I would definitely recommend this strain and was not disappointed at all with the price. The nugs look very good with a variety of colours. Would rank this among the best I have tasted.

  2. Fadi

    Very smooth smoke, smaller size buds but still very potent. I was pleased with this strain, it left me a bit couch locked and able to have a sound sleep at night!!

  3. Drake

    Oh Pink Death Star, how you are so wonderful.  Definitely in my top 5 favorite strains and it’s not going anywhere soon. It’s got all the flavor you could ever ask from a pink, except, potency to make you relaxed no matter how stressed.

    The red hairs are attractive and the nugs varies from small-medium all the way to large(1½”). Nice variety of nugs and nice and sticky. The bag I got was fresh and the Humus flavor is delicious as expected.
    Definitely recommend for anyone who like pinks or who enjoys taking a toke and relaxing.  Not the best for productivity however that tends to be the case with a lot of pinks. I will be certain to keep this around.

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