Pink Gas Mask

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80% Indica dominant strain

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Pink Gas Mask Information

Pink Gas Mask provides everything you could ask for in a craft cannabis strain. This fashion-forward Indica-dominant hybrid combines fat, healthy nugs with a unique colouring and powerful array of effects that make it a perfect choice for the cannabis connoisseur. Its loud, gassy smell announces its presence immediately, but it features a few unique tones like vanilla and tasty-sweet candy. These additions make the genetics of Pink Gas Mask difficult to nail down for the untrained nose. 

Developed by Canadian breeder Yaletown Flower Co. in the late 2010s, this new strain has yet to make the splash that it deserves. However, it’s seen a spike in popularity during recent years that bodes well for its future. In a decade, weed experts will be talking about Pink Gas Mask in the same sentence as legendary strains like Bubba Kush and Gorilla Glue. Beat the rush and hop on this strain today.

Uses and Effects

Pink Gas Mask provides the same effects that you’d expect from a heavy Indica: a heavy body load, relaxing vibes, and sedation. It’s a perfect end-of-day strain to help a smoker unwind. Newer stoners should be careful, though. This powerful Indica can easily overpower the unwary if they smoke too much of it, lulling them into a couch-lock that’s difficult to break. Some of the possible benefits that Pink Gas Mask may provide include reduced inflammation and pain, decreased feelings of stress and anxiety, and increased appetite. It’s also great for anyone who needs a sleep aid and may be able to help overcome symptoms of insomnia for some users.

Strain Background

This strain traces its pedigree back to Pink Kush, a colourful OG Kush descendant featuring vibrant pink tones. These colours pronounce the dark green hues common over Pink Kush’s flowers and highlight the amber and pink hairs that sprout from between nugs. Pink Gas Mask carries on this genetic line’s unique colouring. It’s easy to miss all of that unique colouring under the thick, sticky sheen of trichomes that coat each bud, giving Pink Gas mask flower the appearance of a powdered donut.

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6 reviews for Pink Gas Mask

  1. Brandon

    its got an awesome name and that quality matches rhat for sure:) pink gas mask is probably one of the best strains I’ve had, it smells and looks very appealing. as well as the high that I got from it, very good weed id say. I would 100% recommend anyone to try this weed.

  2. Giuseppe

    Really fragrant and flavourful! This is a great strain. I found it really helped in the evenings with winding down the day.

  3. Ryan

    Real mixed bag of genetics. Buds are candy sweet but with undertones of diesel and vanilla. Nice bag appeal and a pretty heavy hitter that will leave you feeling relaxed but not particularly motivated. It’s a good sleep aid and a powerful muscle relaxant, though.

  4. Alana

    I cannot say enough good things about this strain, I think it might be my new favourite. I am a chronic smoker, always enjoy flower, but I don’t get that beginner buzz anymore. Until now! I was surprised at this pretty little flower, and it was VERY pretty to look at. It packs a punch! I would warn any inexperienced smoker to start low and slow ith this bad boy, or you might lose the rest of your day haha.

    This hits you heavy, melts away the day, tastes great, obliterated pain, gave me the munchies and the best naps a girl could ask for. I would say this is likely a strain you’d want to exclusively smoke at night unless you are looking for some major relaxation and pain relief. It OBLITERATES insomnia!!! A

  5. Benjamin

    Very nice taste and smell. It is like freshly baked savory buns. The look, feel, smell and smoke its obvious this is some premo gas. This strain was helpful in soothing sore knees and minor back pain. I recommend it for a relaxing day and will be purchasing again.

  6. Kerry

    Not only is this a great strain for the effects and strength, the taste is great and different from most others. This strain is hard to come by, most places never carry it. I definitely recommend it for rest and relaxation.

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