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Pinkstar (Smalls) Information

Pinkstar can reach staggering THC levels, averaging between 18-24% and reaching above 25%. This marijuana plant was created by crossing Pink Kush and Death Star, both being potent Indica strains. 

Being a rare pure Indica strain, Pinkstar can deliver a potent relaxing and sedative high that is known to soothe away physical aches and pains. After enjoying its earthy and fresh diesel aroma, both your mind and body will be washed over by the potent effects and medicinal properties of this cannabis flower. 

Impressive Medicinal Properties

Pinkstar is highly popular for being a rare pure Indica strain as it contains 100% Indica. Because of its powerful Indica properties, this plant is widely used within the medicinal cannabis world as it can effectively treat a variety of health conditions. This marijuana strain, due to its relaxing and sedative properties, can address pains and aches in the body and soothe them away. 

Pinkstar is used to treat conditions such as neuropathic pain, migraines, muscle spasms, chronic pain, chronic fatigue, and other aches in the body. The sedative benefits are so potent that you will not likely be able to be physically active or productive. This stage of the high can leave you in a couch-lock state where moving will become increasingly difficult.

Depression and Insomnia: Effective Effects

Pinkstar also offers a euphoric mental high. This part of the high can significantly decrease any symptoms of depression, anxiety, and stress. You may notice as your mood improves, that feelings of happiness, calmness, and relaxation will take the lead. 

The effects of this plant do an impressively great job at helping with insomnia as well. Once your body and mind reach a state of calmness, where your pain and aches are melted away, where your depression and anxiety lose their grip over you, you can easily fall into a deep sleep.

A Flavourful Strain

This cannabis strain has a fresh earthy and diesel aroma profile, followed by a berry-like taste combined with an earthy diesel aftertaste. 

Besides a highly enjoyable flavour profile, Pinkstar also features beautiful looks of dense and heavy green nugs carrying pink undertones. With wide stems and cone-shaped leaves, this plant has a solid structure. Burnt orange hairs crown the nugs, while a generous coat of crystal trichomes covers the strain. 

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  1. Tammy

    Great for the price. Could be trimmed a bit better, it’s the first time I’ve said that about any of the smallz! Still a great smoke with a nice berry taste!

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