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Pre-Rolled Joints

(13 customer reviews)

$14.00 $12.00

2 x 0.75g Pre-Rolled Joints

Comes in a reusable smell-proof container


Looking to buy Pre-Rolled Joints online? We have something you might like here on MMJDirect. Pick your favourite:

  • Indica Mix (Master Kush, Death Bubba and OG Kush)
  • Bay 11 (hybrid)
  • MK Ultra (Indica)
  • GSG (hybrid)

These are some of the greatest cannabis strains available on the market, and you can get a few pieces of each. Put aside the bad-quality joints you roll yourself – you’re most likely using unprofessional rolling paper which gets ruined very quickly. Our Pre-Rolled Joints use unbleached, unrefined, super thin, and filtered cones. Moreover, the paper used in making them is of a very good quality that resists multiple uses.

MMJDirect provides an easy and efficient method of purchasing your preferred joints. If you’re over 19 and live in Canada, we’re extending a warm invitation to you! Trust in our reputation and you’ll walk out from our website a happier person!

Do the joints contain any plant shake?

The shake is composed of the cannabis leftovers after grinding the plant into powder. No, we don’t put shake into our Pre-Rolled Joints. We only use flowers with nothing else added to fill the space. Though, you wouldn’t expect us to willingly admit we’re using bad-quality cannabis ingredients for the joints, right? To demonstrate our honesty, you can check the Reviews section.

Most of the people who have bought these joints have said they’re just perfect and that they taste great. As for the psychoactive effects, they’re entirely dependent on the joints you bought. If you bought an Indica mix, you’re most likely going to feel thoroughly relaxed, sedated, and all your pain should go away. That’s a free ticket toward the couch-lockdown experience many people crave for.

If you bought a different variety of Pre-Rolled Joints, you could also expect euphoria and happiness to take over you. If the THC level is high enough, you’re in for quite a potent psychoactive experience. Keep in mind that each pre-roll is 0.75 grams in size and contains 2 cones per pack.

You should buy Pre-Rolled Joints online in Canada if you want to smoke good-quality cannabis joints, on the one hand. There is no comparison between the ones we’re selling and the home-made ones. The smoke and taste of our products are much superior to anything you could come with at home.

Buy these joints on MMJDirect – you should have them in 2-5 business days with Canada Post!

13 reviews for Pre-Rolled Joints

  1. Tyler

    Unbelievable value

  2. Dylan

    Great smoke for a great price. Gives you a solid high.

  3. Jonathan

    Do yourself and get the Indica mix! Deadly! Great price $12 for 1.5grams!

  4. Tina

    A great option when you are not feeling on top of the world. I also like the packaging and it makes really nice gifts for my busy friends. I also l8ke the quality of the weed used, some places (no names) use really bottom of the barrel stuff. Thanks MMJDirect. Life just got a bit easier.

  5. Tyler

    Tremendous bang for your buck, great roll job as well.

  6. Jordon

    Great package, great flavor, great high.. Bay 11 is worth the $$

  7. Veronika

    I love these for the convenience and value.

  8. Morgan

    I usually order the sativa mix, very good high. The container it comes in is a plus as well.

  9. Catherine

    I tried the hybrid and indica and was very impressed with both. Great price for the size of the pre-rolls and I found them to be very potent! Definitely buying these again.

  10. Jonathan

    Great value here! Have tried the hybrid and sativa both tasted great and were well packed. The container is also smell proof and discreet.

  11. Bonnie

    Indica has a good mix. Properly rolled, doesn’t get clogged at the end.

  12. Heather

    Tried the hybrid, good product, secure container.

  13. Travis

    Just tried the hybrid roll..and she’s POTENT. Very nice fruity flavour, smooth smoke, and the high is a creeper.
    Very euphoric and cerebral…that shifts into a mild body high that you don’t really crash from!

    Remarkable daytime strain! Very nice for anxiety, depression and social gatherings!

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