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Pre-Rolls by Scout Information

Love the portability and sharability of joints but hate having to roll them yourself? Place your trust in Scout Pre-Rolls. These pre-rolled joints take all the work out of getting high – just spark and smoke. With a variety of strains including hybrids, indicas, and sativas, choose Scout Pre-Rolls as your smoking buddy!

What are Scout Pre-Rolls For?

Scout Pre-Rolls make the perfect travel buddy. Road trip? Toss a few packs of Scout Pre-Rolls to ensure you never need to buy weed on the road. Camping? Scout Pre-Rolls make an ideal companion for getting high in the backcountry.

These moderately-sized joints are extremely versatile. Smoke an entire joint to yourself to blast off into the clouds. Or, share Scout Pre-Rolls to experience a warm, fuzzy buzz with a friend! 

Need a present in a pinch? Scout Pre-Rolls also make a great gift for any stoner in your life. Give them the gift of ganja with Scout Pre-Rolls!

Why Choose Scout Pre-Rolls?

Scout Pre-Rolls are made by stoners for stoners. The company has stringent quality standards, ensuring that only premium buds make the cut. Flower for these joints is grown locally in British Columbia. BC Bud has a reputation for being some of best high-grade in Canada, and these Pre-Rolls don’t disappoint. 

Each joint is meticulously rolled, packed, and ten inspected for maximum quality. Rollers grind buds into a fine powder to ensure every Scout Pre-Roll burns evenly, never canoeing. Finally, Scout Pre-Rolls come with a long crutch filter to ensure that no pesky pot particles make their way into your mouth.

Scout Pre-Rolls streamline the smoking process. Toking on a timeframe? You don’t have to roll these joints yourself, saving precious minutes. With all that extra time, you can brush up on your own joint rolling skills! 

5 reviews for Pre-Rolls by Scout

  1. Rebecca

    Love the packaging, and I keep it to put my homemade pre-rolls in as well. I’ve liked all the kinds I’ve tried, including grease monkey and violator Kush.

  2. Heather

    I prefer these to the Supremium even though I liked those as well. The herbs seem fresher and better prepared for these pre-rolls. They also had a more pleasant scent. I went with Grease Monkey and a Sativa, but I don’t think they have the one I got listed at the moment. Definitely recommend.

  3. Justin

    These pre rolls are nicely rolled and packaging is cool. Violator kush is my favourite so far!

  4. Lindsey

    Loved the convenient packaging and joints were well rolled. Would have given it 5 stars except that it was a little on the dry side when smoked. Maybe a waxy cardboard packaging would keep more moisture in. I did like how it wasn’t plastic packaging and better for the environment!

  5. Corey

    The violator stran 8s mu absolute favorite..these are a definite buy again as a pre roll

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