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Premium Cannabis Trim Information

Premium Cannabis Trim is much more flavourful and psychoactive than regular cannabis trim. That’s because the premium variant contains no sticks, stems, and only a few leaves that may decrease the joy of your cannabis experience. All that’s left are the pure cannabis leftovers that you can smoke or prepare your own joints or even edibles with. Thanks to its 15% THC content, this Premium Cannabis Trim is quite potent, though still accessible to beginner cannabis users.


Veteran users enjoy the fact that they can create super potent edibles with the trim. Thanks to it being almost grounded, you can put a bigger quantity into your edibles and create very potent weed snacks. In fact, you can make very accurate doses with this cannabis trim, which will serve as the perfect therapeutic treatments when you need them. Medical patients enjoy this cannabis trim because it offers an easy way to alleviate their symptoms, such as:


  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Chronic pain
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Insomnia
  • Nausea
  • Bipolar disorder
  • PTSD
  • ADHD


What does the Premium Cannabis Trim look and taste like?


We’ll be honest here, the Premium Cannabis Trim may not look as fresh and amazing as a brand-new cannabis strain. However, it completely makes up for this appearance with the flavourful aroma whafting out of every bit of trim. Moreover, this trim is taken from high-quality cananbis strains, which are not only flavourful but also incredibly therapeutic and psychoactive. You can expect great healing effects, relaxation, sedation, and pain relief after trying out this trim.


The taste depends on the original cannabis strain that the trim is extracted from. It could taste of citrus and blueberries, or it could taste of diesel and pine. If you’re a fan of unexpected surprises, then this Premium Cannabis Trim is right up your alley. For medical patients, this is one of the best cannabis treatments for many afflictions and symptoms.


What are the effects of the Premium Cannabis Trim?


This trim has a 15% THC concentration, which is surely going to deliver an enjoyable psychoactive experience. Your mind will start warming up and buzzing with enthusiasm as the euphoric surge melts your depression apart. Then, the wave of sedation and relaxation alleviates any bout of insomnia or anxiety, as well as chronic fatigue and exhaustion. Physical pains and aches vanish in a matter of minutes after consumption, as well.


Thanks to the superior quality of the strain profile, this cannabis trim derives potent effects in the form of therapy and psychoactive effects. Do you want to experience true relaxation and tranquility, or go through a healing experience that shows you there’s a way to relieve your pains, after all? You don’t have to live with the pains and aches, especially if you have arthritis, sciatica, or other forms of chronic pain. The Premium Cannabis Trim can help you overcome it!

24 reviews for Premium Cannabis Trim

  1. Brenda

    I have used this to make my oil and it worked just as well as any other bud.I use a magic butter maker and the job is very simply. I use it medically so it is important that it works well and it didn’t disappoint. I will be watching so I can order it again.

  2. Derek

    great to make edibles with or you can even smoke it with how great the quality is for trim

  3. Marie-Eve

    Grrreat to prepare butter with!
    Great price too.
    Makes a great butter, smooth and no so coarse, perfect for beginners with edibles.

  4. Marcie

    I am always happy with everything I buy for here.

  5. Sarah

    The high is more of a good long buzz rather than an instant head high. Not going to knock you out, but will give a good little boost to every day activities.

    The taste isn’t as green as real premium MMJ bud, but it doesn’t burn like some shake does. I would highly recommend to use it as a mix with premium bud for joints.

  6. Viviane

    i could use a bunch of that always everydays, also it can help to reduce weed consumption. its perfect when blended with tobacco during an heavy day

  7. Guillaume

    good product.. nice buzz

  8. Marylene

    Best deal for price! Potent enough and the taste isn’t too harsh, I always put this in my cart with my orders now.

  9. Tim

    I am very impressed with this product. There was no shade leaves it was all a little buds and bottoms. The smell and taste is amazing.

  10. Travis

    The shake is great! I have always wanted to make cannabutter and a brownies or something. I got this and promptly made butter and then brownies. All turned out awesome and so happy I finally was able to get some shake for this. Only only complaint was I couldn’t buy a FULL OUNCE!

  11. Saeed

    this one was way above expectation. I wish I had purchased more.

  12. Waleed

    Great to make edibles!

  13. Morgan

    Good deal, says for vape or edibles but its good enough to smoke as well. Like to keep a bag of this around for days when your running low of the good stuff or don’t want something too strong.

  14. Shannon

    Totally a good deal! Very few stems and seeds. Pretty good high for the price when vaping!

  15. Catherine

    This is some five star shake! As another reviewer mentioned, this is at least 15% THC and is pretty tasty. I smoked it straight up and I honestly enjoy it more than one of the $8/gram strains I purchased. Definitely will purchase again.

  16. Matthew

    Was better then I hoped. At least 15%. I just put into a herbal vape as is.

  17. Lori

    I really enjoy this smoke as I am chronic and at this price I can smoke as much as I like. Lol

  18. Nikki

    This stuff is great for baking! Not a bad smoke either. Definitely becoming a regular for my order!

  19. Brittney

    Love this stuff used in vape also great for use with higher quality stuff

  20. Brandon

    Kind of surprised at the quality of the trim. I expected weak gutter weed that tastes bad, but its actually decently potent for the price and while the flavor is mild/low and varied from fruity to earthy it wasn’t bad at all. I’d get it again no problem

  21. James

    Used it in my vape. Really enjoyed it. Nice flavour!

  22. Lori

    Great for making my own butter! I enjoyed smoking it as well.

  23. Kathleen

    Love the idea of stretching out the primo bud with this filler. Great price point. Kathleen

  24. Jessica

    Perfect for mixing with a little bit of the better stuff, great for making your weed last longer! Tiny bit of a bitter taste but very little stems and leaves!
    Plus this baby was PACKED!! Worth it!

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