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Premium Cannabis Trim Information

Premium Cannabis Trim is much more flavourful and psychoactive than regular cannabis trim. That’s because the premium variant contains no sticks, stems, and only a few leaves that may decrease the joy of your cannabis experience. All that’s left are the pure cannabis leftovers that you can smoke or prepare your own joints or even edibles with. Thanks to its 15% THC content, this Premium Cannabis Trim is quite potent, though still accessible to beginner cannabis users.

Veteran users enjoy the fact that they can create super potent edibles with the trim. Thanks to it being almost grounded, you can put a bigger quantity into your edibles and create very potent weed snacks. In fact, you can make very accurate doses with this cannabis trim, which will serve as the perfect therapeutic treatments when you need them. Medical patients enjoy this cannabis trim because it offers an easy way to alleviate their symptoms, such as:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Chronic pain
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Insomnia
  • Nausea
  • Bipolar disorder
  • PTSD
  • ADHD

What does the Premium Cannabis Trim look and taste like?

We’ll be honest here, the Premium Cannabis Trim may not look as fresh and amazing as a brand-new cannabis strain. However, it completely makes up for this appearance with the flavourful aroma wafting out of every bit of trim. Moreover, this trim is taken from high-quality cannabis strains, which are not only flavourful but also incredibly therapeutic and psychoactive. You can expect great healing effects, relaxation, sedation, and pain relief after trying out this trim.

The taste depends on the original cannabis strain that the trim is extracted from. It could taste of citrus and blueberries, or it could taste of diesel and pine. If you’re a fan of unexpected surprises, then this Premium Cannabis Trim is right up your alley. For medical patients, this is one of the best cannabis treatments for many afflictions and symptoms.

What are the effects of the Premium Cannabis Trim?

This trim has a 15% THC concentration, which is surely going to deliver an enjoyable psychoactive experience. Your mind will start warming up and buzzing with enthusiasm as the euphoric surge melts your depression apart. Then, the wave of sedation and relaxation alleviates any bout of insomnia or anxiety, as well as chronic fatigue and exhaustion. Physical pains and aches vanish in a matter of minutes after consumption, as well.

Thanks to the superior quality of the strain profile, this cannabis trim derives potent effects in the form of therapy and psychoactive effects. Do you want to experience true relaxation and tranquility, or go through a healing experience that shows you there’s a way to relieve your pains, after all? You don’t have to live with the pains and aches, especially if you have arthritis, sciatica, or other forms of chronic pain. The Premium Cannabis Trim can help you overcome it!

76 reviews for Premium Cannabis Trim

  1. Cassie

    Big fan of trim! this is a great price point for anyone who doesnt want to bust their weed everytime they smoke. this is a very good high, The THC percentage is perfect. Really easy to take on the go with you as well. 5/5 star! This stuff is also really great for baking! . Definitely becoming a regular for my order!

  2. Steve

    Good trim, great for baking!! I didn’t get great effects from it when I vaped it, but it worked awesome in brownies. Always a good deal.

  3. Craig

    Purchased this shake for the first time and was very satisfied with this product. I found product to be very potent and had great taste! I will definitely be a repeat buyer.

  4. Justin

    This is hands-down the best value cannabis trim I have ever bought. When it goes on sale you can get an oz of it for less than sixty bucks, great deal in my opinion, this coming from a seasoned stoner.

    The flavour and aroma are more than what you would expect from cannabis trim. more like potent cannabis than the dull aroma you get from other trims. Smoking from a bong, you get a decent hit from it, perhaps between 15-20 percent THC, and the drag is very smooth for a cannabis trim.

    Again, amazing value you get from this buy. If you want to make cannabis butter for your THC-infused baking treats, this is the first product I’ recommend.

  5. Jasmine

    I’m a veteran weed head and I tried this premium trim fully expecting it to be disappointing shake, but boy was I wrong! I actually prefer this trim, because not only is it very much “premium” trim off great buds, but you get a variety of different strains all the time. I have a very high tolerance to thc and I feel like I get higher from this than anything else because there are so many good strains in it! It’s like a surprise bag full really good sh**! 100% recommend and will order again and again!

  6. Christopher

    Found this premium trim to blend in nicely when mixing with a hi-grade to suit-to-taste.

  7. Ghislain

    J’ai vraiment apprécié. Belle saveur!

  8. Cory

    Could barely tell this was trim all it did was make it easier to break down 🙂

  9. Lauryn

    Loved this – was perfect for everyday!!! There were small jugs in the mix so you still need to grind it up but great quality

  10. Victor

    When they say premium cannabis, trim, they mean 🍃✨PREMIUM!✨🍃This is really top quality trim.💯💯🔥 I use this very often when smoking strains that were too strong for my asthma to tolerate to make the hit a bit more tolerable. 👌🏽cIt’s very good and it did not weaken the effects of the high.👏🏽👏🏽 It’s also tolerable to smoke on its own and to roll a joint on its own. 🍃✅💚 It’s a nice trim, an easy smooth smoke, not too strong, but not weak or cheap shake.💯

  11. keith

    Not to bad for the price but really only good to add to something stronger.

  12. Chris

    If I need to function without being insanely ripped this is my go to. I sometimes mix it with indicas or heavy indicas for a more sedating high. I find this on its own is good if I want to edit photos, work on fashion or just zen out while gaming. In terms of migraines I like to add the little extra indica and it is very effective that way. Overall love the cut, smell and quality / price. I would highly recommend if your on a budget or want to extend what you currently have.

  13. Justinian

    There are so many ways to use this, we’ve made oils, butter, vaped, smoked, sprinkled – the fact its trim makes it portable, easy to grind and vape without much preparation, super flavor and effect, defintely an indica but very smooth compared to other header indicas, mostly outdoors of lower grade. A normal buy for me each order now.

  14. Jobst

    Great stuff, really helps me sleep

  15. Natasha

    Excellent cannabis trim at a super affordable price! It tastes great and has helped immensely with my Anxiety, Depression and Fibromyalgia/Chronic pain. If you struggle with any of these ailments, I recommend trying this premium-quality trim out. Will definitely purchase it again!

  16. Lisa

    This is a great bargain. Lots of little nuggets in the bag. I love the random surprise of not knowing exactly what I’m smoking and getting random smells and flavours…like scooping yourself out a surprise present!
    I mostly use this with my pipe – it’s ready to go or just needs a quick grind.

  17. Josie

    Very practical purchase. Easy use for rolling joints or filling up your pipe for a quick job done. Give a really good buzz and Last a long time with very little usage. Bought it twice so far and won’t be my last purchase of this neat product 🙂

  18. ADAM

    Trim!? I only bought this to use for turkey stuffing. which I did and it was great. Convienient, easy, no mess! There was alot of beginners in there dinner party attendance so we didn’t want the potency to be to offensive and turn people off of the whole experience.
    As well as a big turkey dinner etc didn’t want everyone turning in in an hour after. some of us just had to top up after dinner. actually twisted one of this just because and well, it’s trim, baby nugs and sugar leaf so it was exactly as we expected. If you are looking for smoke buy smoke if you are looking for a toy to play with this could be your guy!!


  19. Julie

    Pretty potent, few small buds here and there, good quality, not too dry, good filler, good bang for the buck, Will buy again

  20. Hannah

    I really like this product a lot. I use it for bowls and joints. Sometimes I mix it with other flower or sometimes just by itself. It gives me a very good high and it is pretty inexpensive.

    This has helped me relax and with anxiety. I would definitely recommend and I will be buying this again.

  21. Michael Ray

    Great bang for your buck whether or not the shake is on sale. Gave a bunch of joints away using this and none of them were able to tell it was just shake. Amazing deal and will definitely buy again!

  22. Zach

    This is the best thing you can buy to make your own edibles. If you want to make the most powerful cookies of your life, melt an oz of this into a lb of butter and make a few batches.

    I buy this too smoke too, and it does the trick. The value lets you smoke as much as you want and the high thc content will make you think twice about that next hit. In my experience a little over half the bag is small buds and the rest is shake. Both burn fine.

  23. Spencer

    This stuff was awesome! I was so pleasantly surprised. Had no idea what to expect, didn’t know what kind of buzz it would offer but it was actually a serviceable daytime smoke, while being good at night time too. Definitely going to purchase more of this cuz you can’t go wrong for the price. It’s not super leafy or anything either. Good stuff.

  24. Mike

    This trim has turned into one of the more cost effective purchases I’ve found with not much drop in quality other than the fact its very dry. The high is smooth and perfect especially in the late afternoons and evenings. Mixed with another strain for added potency it really does the trick for me. Doesn’t feel like a mixed bag of trim either which is good you know what to expect every time you smoke it unlike other mixed bags of trim.

  25. Aimee

    This is not a product that can be found at all other vendors and I appreciate the convenience of it! It’s practically ready to smoke when it arrives. I’ve rolled it on it’s own for a quick smoke, but I find it rolls and smokes better if I grind it first. I like that it’s a mix of different strains and you get the best of many worlds. It was a pleasant smoke with happy effects. I am purchasing again, and I would recommend to others.

  26. Daniel

    Super convenient as it’s already “ground” and it has a great value due to that. I typically vape it, so this is ideal and convenient for me. Big fan of it, and it’s got very nice effects. Highly recommend.

  27. Christa

    I have to buy trim or shake every time I make an order now. I love making edibles with it. It’s not too dry, it even smoked nicely. Sometimes I notice a fruity flavor, next time I notice more of a lemony or sweet flavor.. it really depends. I have not yet been disappointed and will continue to buy this stuff or the other shake with every order I make. There aren’t too many stems, no seeds and not much for junk in them.

    It’s absolutely perfect for making edibles with.

  28. Dylan

    I love how cheap this stuff is! I roll this stuff into joints and I enjoy the always pleasant surprise of what flavours I’m going to get. I find that the flavour varies a bit within the trim, but it’s never extreme! Great for the price, and always enjoyable highs!

  29. Aidan

    Great product, especially for the price. I was pleasantly surprised despite reading other positive reviews, this definitely surpassed my expectations. Made some butter with this and it hits hard! Tastes great, added a citrusy note to my cookies. Very balanced high – I guess due to the mix of different trim. I haven’t smoked this yet but I’m sure it’ll be great to top off my joints.

  30. Gregory

    I’m a old timer stoner and have always been a fan of trim. The surprise high you get and the price point make it worth while.
    The trim I’ve ordered here is consistently top notch, not much leaf but lots of buds. I mean like almost all buds, once I got a bud that was a half gram… maybe I got lucky… all in all awesome value for your buck

  31. Keith

    Great product!

  32. Grace

    Bought this for my first attempt in making edibles and was pleasantly surprised at how much THC is in them. Great price for the quality you get! 👍🏼

  33. Ben


    I used this to make cannabutter and it turned out sooo good. It’s obviously way better quality than regular trim, and smells really good. Thanks

  34. Beth

    We bought this to make cannabutter from. While it did leave a strong weed smell, I expected that considering the main ingredient. The butter had a really nice, floaty high that lasted a nice amount of time. I would definitely recommend this over the regular trim; the stuff itself smelled great and looked nice and sticky. 9/10 would buy again. The quality was far better than I expected at this price.

  35. Eric

    great purchase for edibles! great price and packed a punch after trying a brownie
    would buy again for cooking, unsure as to smoking it

  36. Drake

    I’m really glad I bought this stuff. No specific flavor profile however it does the job well. I bought an oz to blast, glad to say it was a great success, plenty of extra kief as well as it works amazing to top your bowl. I will definitely be keeping this on hand. 100% recommend for high quality trim. Makes all my weed last longer! 💨🔥🌲

  37. Stephanie

    Love this, barely need to grind it so its almost ready to use, for a great price!

  38. Alec

    Good size grind, effects are felt right away. Nothing crazy but a great strain for the price! I would definitely get this strain again.

  39. Evan

    Really high quality trim with an amazing price point, especially when its on sale. Would buy the premium trim over the regular trim any day as the small price difference is absolutely worth it. Perfect for joints and edibles, but also works as a budget daily smoke. Great for topping up high quality bud to stretch it further. If you’re making a purchase, add this trim to your cart, it’s great to have on hand.

  40. Deanna

    This was my first time trying a trim product and I was impressed! Wish I had bought more because the price is too good to turn down. Wasn’t mind blowing but definitely good to have on hand if you are on a budget! I enjoyed topping off my other strains with a bit of this to make it last longer! Also super convenient that there is no grinder needed and very few stems. I would purchase again 🙂

  41. George

    Awesome for cooking
    Great buzz

  42. Quinton

    Inexpensive but made for some strong brownies! Would use for those in search of relaxation as that’s what it helped me with. Worth the buy if you plan to cook with it especially.

  43. Marc

    Always a great value for the price. Decent strength. It’s nice for bulking up bowls and joints. I always add some to my orders. It’s a nice micro dose when I use it with a one hitter.

  44. Maude

    SOOOO satisfied with this! No need to grind, perfect for an artist at work.

  45. Jeremy

    Bought this on sale to fill out an order, and I was pleasantly surprised. Although I know it varies, the batch I received tasted good and burned well. It’s cannabis trim so it’s ready to be smoked, which is convenient and perfect for a quick bong hit or to fill out a roach joint. I’ve also heard it’s good for baking with, although I’ve never tried.

  46. Georgia

    Great quality for shake. Bought it, because I wanted to make my green last a little longer. I have used it to make canna-oil or to stretch my bud out a little longer (smoking or vaping). Decent taste, and received the desired effects. Highly recommend.

  47. Rory

    This trim is incredible! I have not tried the lower grade stuff, but this premium trim is just that! Premium! It makes for a really easy smoke on the go, no grinding required. Nice mix, very uplifting. Very good for the budget stoner. Its also great if you wanna mix some into your premium cannabis to enjoy the blend of flavours and effects, and to make your nugs go a bit further. Smells great, tastes great, all around great deal. Highly recommend for anybody. Im happy that this is available, as most of these goods are made into hash or oil!

  48. Jonathan

    Very surprised with this trim. Read a lot of good reviews, and figured should try it out. Very little sticks/stems/seeds. Excellent quality. I like to top off grinder with a scoop of the premium trim to offset the good stuff! Highly would encourage!

  49. Alana

    Great value for your $. I like to use this mixed in with my higher-end strains. I haven’t baked with it as of yet, but I think it would be perfect for making edibles.

  50. Desaray

    I love this product! It’s a great high for a great price and barely needs grinding. I would recommend for anyone as an all around high for any time of day 😀 😀

  51. Madeleine

    This shake definitely exceeds MMJ’s regular shake by a mile for me! There are very few stems if any, and it smokes more like bud than most other shake I’ve tried, and is pretty strong for the price. I like to use this to extend the life of other strains and to put into joints where I don’t want anything too strong. Taste isn’t too bad for shake, and it is relatively smooth smoke. Would recommend to anyone on a budget!

  52. David

    Excellent for indulging after hitting the mark with something else—and then continuing on for the evening. Save the most potent stuff for the first hits if the day!

  53. Brenda

    I have used this to make my oil and it worked just as well as any other bud.I use a magic butter maker and the job is very simply. I use it medically so it is important that it works well and it didn’t disappoint. I will be watching so I can order it again.

  54. Derek

    great to make edibles with or you can even smoke it with how great the quality is for trim

  55. Marie-Eve

    Grrreat to prepare butter with!
    Great price too.
    Makes a great butter, smooth and no so coarse, perfect for beginners with edibles.

  56. Marcie

    I am always happy with everything I buy for here.

  57. Sarah

    The high is more of a good long buzz rather than an instant head high. Not going to knock you out, but will give a good little boost to every day activities.

    The taste isn’t as green as real premium MMJ bud, but it doesn’t burn like some shake does. I would highly recommend to use it as a mix with premium bud for joints.

  58. Viviane

    i could use a bunch of that always everydays, also it can help to reduce weed consumption. its perfect when blended with tobacco during an heavy day

  59. Guillaume

    good product.. nice buzz

  60. Marylene

    Best deal for price! Potent enough and the taste isn’t too harsh, I always put this in my cart with my orders now.

  61. Tim

    I am very impressed with this product. There was no shade leaves it was all a little buds and bottoms. The smell and taste is amazing.

  62. Travis

    The shake is great! I have always wanted to make cannabutter and a brownies or something. I got this and promptly made butter and then brownies. All turned out awesome and so happy I finally was able to get some shake for this. Only only complaint was I couldn’t buy a FULL OUNCE!

  63. Saeed

    this one was way above expectation. I wish I had purchased more.

  64. Waleed

    Great to make edibles!

  65. Morgan

    Good deal, says for vape or edibles but its good enough to smoke as well. Like to keep a bag of this around for days when your running low of the good stuff or don’t want something too strong.

  66. Shannon

    Totally a good deal! Very few stems and seeds. Pretty good high for the price when vaping!

  67. Catherine

    This is some five star shake! As another reviewer mentioned, this is at least 15% THC and is pretty tasty. I smoked it straight up and I honestly enjoy it more than one of the $8/gram strains I purchased. Definitely will purchase again.

  68. Matthew

    Was better then I hoped. At least 15%. I just put into a herbal vape as is.

  69. Lori

    I really enjoy this smoke as I am chronic and at this price I can smoke as much as I like. Lol

  70. Nikki

    This stuff is great for baking! Not a bad smoke either. Definitely becoming a regular for my order!

  71. Brittney

    Love this stuff used in vape also great for use with higher quality stuff

  72. Brandon

    Kind of surprised at the quality of the trim. I expected weak gutter weed that tastes bad, but its actually decently potent for the price and while the flavor is mild/low and varied from fruity to earthy it wasn’t bad at all. I’d get it again no problem

  73. James

    Used it in my vape. Really enjoyed it. Nice flavour!

  74. Lori

    Great for making my own butter! I enjoyed smoking it as well.

  75. Kathleen

    Love the idea of stretching out the primo bud with this filler. Great price point. Kathleen

  76. Jessica

    Perfect for mixing with a little bit of the better stuff, great for making your weed last longer! Tiny bit of a bitter taste but very little stems and leaves!
    Plus this baby was PACKED!! Worth it!

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