Dark Chocolate Funghi Bars

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Psilocybin infused Dark Chocolate bars

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Dark Chocolate Funghi Bars Information

For the dark chocolate lovers out there, MasterMind has now made their ever-popular classic Funghi Bar into a delectable treat that’ll be your favourite part of breakfast. Excellent for microdosing, each mushroom chocolate bar is equally divided into 15 equal squares.

Make your morning microdose pleasant and something to truly look forward to! Our mushroom chocolate bars are all made with high-quality Psilocybe Cubensis mushrooms which are the foundation of all of our products.

Ultimately versatile

Whether you’re a newcomer to the psychedelic scene or a seasoned veteran looking for a simple and pleasant way to get your morning microdose, our Dark Chocolate Funghi Bar is a perfect pick for a wide array of cases. Available in 1,500mg, 3,000mg, and 5,000mg doses, in regular milk chocolate, cookies & cream, and dark chocolate varieties, we’re certain that there’s something out there for you!

Simply break off a single piece for a 100mg dose, or eat the whole chocolate bar for a full-fledged 1.5 gram mushrooms experience. If you’re new to magic mushrooms, then please check out the Ultimate Guide to Psilocybin Mushrooms to develop a detailed understanding of how psychedelic mushrooms work and how to get the best experience possible.

Made by professionals

Carefully crafted by MasterMind’s team of expert psychedelic enthusiasts, we employ the highest quality manufacturing methods to bring you a product that is both effective and delicious. Using food-safe procedures and choosing nothing but the best ingredients, you can be certain that what you get is a premium treat.

Say no to eye-balling doses, hot-spots, inconsistent products, and sketchy dealers! Your health and safety are a high priority for us here and we do all that we can to give you the best mushroom chocolates around.

Safe and discreet

We individually seal each product using our high-grade smell and damage-proof packaging to ensure it shows up in your mailbox in tip-top shape. We have a perfect delivery success rate and are certain that it’ll arrive at your doorstep without any hassle.

We use discreet packaging so that it’ll pass by suspicious eyes without a problem – whether it’s going through the post office or sitting on your kitchen table. Never worry about being caught with a strange baggie full of conspicuous fungus again!

3 reviews for Dark Chocolate Funghi Bars

  1. Elizabeth

    This bar is my favourite shroom product. Tastes awesome, no shroom taste at all.
    I love that I can pick the dose I want. I can have 100mg or 500mg. I used this bar at first to start slow as I’d never tried shrooms before. Over multiple weeks I tried a higher and higher dose and eventually switch to golden teach unprocessed shrooms for my bigger trips. I will repurchase this bar over and over as I love having it for smaller more “manageable” trips where I am not totally out in space and can still relax and watch a show/movie or have a conversation. Or work on my stretching and mobility. Stretching out my muscles and joints feels amazing after taking this. I feel like I can feel each and every individual muscle. It’s wicked! I definitely recommend this bar, especially for newbies.

  2. Jen

    I just love these bars. I eat 2 or 3 pieces in an afternoon for a nice little micro-dosey high.

  3. Amber

    Absolutely brilliant. Be sure that you understand the dosage that you want (which is not going to be a whole bar for most mere mortals).

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