Pure Hemp Unbleached – Regular size

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1 booklet – 50 Papers
69mm x 37mm

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Pure Hemp Unbleached – Regular size Information

The 100% hemp papers are here to provide the smoothest smoke you’ve had! Pure Hemp Unbleached – Regular size are high-quality rolling papers made from pure hemp. It’s not a surprise that so many cannabis enthusiasts use these rolling papers to improve their experience with cannabis. They’re unbleached, which improves the quality and smoothness of the smoke, as well.

There are 33 rolling papers per pack, and each paper is stamped with a Pure Hemp mark, so you know they’re the real deal! The burn is slow, without leaving any impurities behind. Moreover, it has no aftertaste or flavour of its own, which greatly increases the olfactive and taste experience of your weed. You can smoke anything with these rolling papers, and it’ll taste great!

How can these rolling papers improve your smoking experience?

We can all agree that there are bad rolling papers, the likes of which anyone can make, and then there are high-quality, professional rolling papers. These last ones vastly improve your smoking experience both in terms of flavour and psychoactive effects. The pleasure of smoking an odourless and tasteless rolling paper is unmatched, really. Medical patients prefer using these rolling papers when using medicinal cannabis, just to improve their olfactive journey!

The Pure Hemp Unbleached – Regular size contain no chemicals and only uses natural gum as well as other natural ingredients. Thanks to this, there are no chemical leftovers after smoking a rolling paper. The only that wafting about is the intense flavour of the weed you’re smoking. Your smoking experience will improve a lot after switching to the Pure Hemp Unbleached – Regular Size.

What are the effects of weed with the Pure Hemp Unbleached – Regular size?

Whatever weed you’re smoking with these rolling papers will provide an intense high, either Sativa or Indica. Depending on the particular strain, you’ll experience a delicious flavour and aroma that’ll stick with you for a few hours. As for the effects, first you’ll feel a rush of euphoria hit your head and calm your worries down. Your chronic fatigue and exhaustion should disappear by now.

Physically, most pains and aches should disappear in a matter of minutes after taking your first smoke. The muscles will become relaxed and comfortable, while the rest of your body enters a state of sedation. The soothing and smooth smoke are enjoyable to the max! If you haven’t experienced a ganja experience provided by the Pure Hemp Unbleached – Regular size, then it’s time you tried something new!

5 reviews for Pure Hemp Unbleached – Regular size

  1. Randall

    These papers got the job done but the adhesive strip let go on a few

  2. Matthew

    the best papers that exist. i was happy to find MMJ Has the same value in finding good papers as i do. these are so natural, they burn so good and twist up so nice. if you are on the natural train and dont want a heavy smoke. i refer these to the whole wide world. cheers, and once you convert to these youll never turn back.

  3. Kathleen

    These are excellent rolling papers, they burn slowly and evenly. Will keep ordering these.

  4. Connor

    clean burning easy to roll, perfect size.

  5. Sue

    Love these papers, no taste, no smell

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