Pure Hemp – Single-Wide Classic

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1 booklet – 50 Papers
69mm x 37mm

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Pure Hemp – Single-Wide Classic Information

With its content of the purest hemp pulp and natural gum strip, the Pure Hemp Single-Wide Classic is chosen for its high quality.

This Pure Hemp – Single-Wide Classic is a one regular size booklet. It contains 50 rolling papers. They are 70 mm by 37 mm in size, and they are 100% eco-friendly.

What Makes Pure Hemp Impressive

The engineers of Pure Hemp – Single-Wide Classic use the finest hemp pulp with an organic gum line sustainably to create these premium rolling papers. A thorough analysis ensures that only premium hemp is being used. It provides a slow, smooth burn and very little ash.

Pure Hemp – Single-Wide Classic is an eco-alternative in comparison to the wood pulp-based rolling papers. Its production process does not include the use of elemental additives. This causes a cleaning feature for the pulp. Most cannabis pros tell us that hemp papers provide the best smoking experience.

So, for your own best cannabis smoking experience, you can buy Pure Hemp – Single-Wide Classic online in Canada.

2 reviews for Pure Hemp – Single-Wide Classic

  1. Cole

    First time using this brand and im pretty happy. The gum sticks quite well, they burn evenly, and they dont have any strange taste that some cheaper papers have, all you taste is your smoke and its great. Definitely a quality smoking paper id buy these again. I cant think of a megative thing to say about these. Mmjdirect rocks!

  2. Jason

    Good papers. Used two then lost the pack but that’s just the standard lifespan of papers around here.

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