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Purple God brings incredible sedative effects to the table. With its 70% Indica inheritance and 31-32% THC concentration, Purple God can’t do anything else other than sedate you fully. The full-body experience is too good to miss out on, in our opinion. This strain comes from illustrious parentage, as well – God, Hawaiian, and Purple Skunk. That’s where its fruity-herbal and spicy flavour come from, as well. It’s delicious, diverse, and intense.

One taste of Purple God and you’ll fall in love with its tranquilizing and sedative effects. It does wonders for anxiety, depression, and stress. Whenever you’re feeling down, one hit of this will put you in a healing stasis of relaxation and calmness. Your mind will return to its tranquil state, while your body goes on a recuperating journey. At the end of it, your chronic pains will be gone, and you won’t be stressed anymore. It’s all a hazy and incredibly relaxing experience that’s worth every smoke!

What does Purple God look and taste like?

First things first – in terms of appearance, Purple God does have some very intense purple shades colouring the leafy exterior and the green buds. These buds are spade-shaped and quite crumpled together, leading to an intense visual perception that changes once you see the snow-white trichomes out there. They cover most of the amber pistils, creating the impression of a dark-orange sea submerged under a coat of snow crystals. If it looks good, it must also taste good, right?

Well, not necessarily, but in this case, it’s just about right. Purple God is quite delicious with its grape-infused aroma and spicy flavour. Once you take a hit, the herbal overtones will numb your mind with pleasure. And as you exhale, the pungent earthiness relaxes you even more, though this time it’s a bit rougher. No matter, since it all comes back to the grape and overall fruitiness again.

How are the effects of Purple God like?


If there was an all-powerful strain perfect for chronic pains and depression, it would be Purple God. It sports a 31-32% THC concentration, which is one of the highest ever recorded. The intoxicating experience starts off with a light mental buzz that makes you hazy and blissful. You can’t focus or process anything anymore, and you just leave yourself in the care of the body buzz. The full-body experience will send shivering waves of relaxation throughout your body.

Relaxation, sedation, calmness, and tranquility will rule over your mind and body now. The couch-lock sedation feels incredible, especially if you were stressed out or in severe pains. Purple God may even put you to sleep after a few minutes, if you take it in the evening. Either way, you may go to sleep immediately because of its high potency. The sweet relaxation feels too good to not appreciate, so you leave yourself be taken to an even deeper state of sedation. This strain is very good at treating:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Insomnia
  • Lack of appetite
  • Stress
  • Muscle spasms
  • Chronic pains

7 reviews for Purple God

  1. TYLER

    Wow. This thing is a banger.

    Probably the most purple nugs I’ve ever seen.

    You can tell it was well grown and the whole process was completed properly—it smokes so nicely.

    I really enjoyed this weed for pain management and before bed. It tasted so good that when I rolled up a joint, I rolled up another one, and then another joint right after. I smoked the whole eighth but hell it was a vibe.

    If I was going to meet Snoop Dogg, I wouldn’t be hesitant to bring Purple God.

    Not disapointed

  2. Katrina

    This did not feel like a AAAA strain, more like AAA or AA . No oiled rims on my j’s, black ash, not very stoney, nothing special taste. It wasn’t a harsh smoke but it was just a very nothing special smoke. I smoked with 4 other friends and we all went silent after smoking it… just wanted to curl up and be left alone. Weird. Weed has to make you feel happy as bare minimum but nope.. not this one. Buds were a beautiful purple hue, it looked promising! Sadly, Will not be purchasing again. On the contrary, purple gas was FIRE but purple god was 👎🏻

  3. Kent

    Strong, sedative effects, Great for unwinding before bed time

  4. Romain

    The lineage speaks for itself and you can definitely find traits in that particular batch. The genetic work on it is on point. The buds are purple, the taste is sweeeet with that “purply” typical after taste, the effect is punchy ! Starts with a “all your problems for today just go up in smoke” followed by a “wow I am so relaxed, I am going to roll a second one !”.

    I will come back for another order of this one !

  5. Jen

    Absolutely love this strain in the evening. Great for unwinding before bed time. Not harsh at all. Would absolutely buy again

  6. Benjamin

    Excellent night time smoke. Strong, sedative effects, combined with smooth undertones, make this a wonderful strain. I would purchase again.

  7. Morgan

    Decided to try this strain as it was one of the strains with the highest thc percentage. It was sticky and had some nice color to it was not dry. Smoking it I liked the taste it wasnt too harsh. This is for a nigh time smoke as it is pretty strong! Would try again! kinda pricey but you get what you pay for! Good stuff

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