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4 reviews for Purple Lights

  1. Spencer

    I dig it, really solid purp. Nice head high followed by some nice sedation. I got a bunch of different purps in the same order and this was among the best. Good all around bud for medicinal purposes for me, mood lifting

  2. Colborn

    Quality smoke and dried perfectly, with excellent taste and effect, won’t be disappointed.

  3. Nick

    A good indica that relaxes me greatly. The nugs were decently sized and not too dry. Stems were not too big. No seeds.
    The taste was pretty good and the high was above average. Helps a lot to get into a nice mental space. For those with anxiety, this is a good choice.
    I would recommend this as the price is not too bad for the quality. I personally will look out for a restock and snatch some as soon as possible.

  4. Deryk

    Purple Lights is even more purple in color than displayed in the pic above. Smoking it just feels like you’re hitting High Class weed!
    It has a bold, great taste and aroma to it. Super dense buds for sure that broke✂️up nicely. And the potency level of this strain is Dynamite!! Friends and neighbors enjoyed this product also.
    Purple Lights helped relieve chronic back pain, as well as rheumatoid arthritis on my wife’s behalf.
    Will def purchase more and recommend to others as this strain is a 5 out of 5⭐product!
    MMJ, stock up on this!

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